The Leadfeather 3D Delta from RCGroups

An easy to build, easy to fly Delta design in the Leadfeather tradition.
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Leadfeather 3D Delta
Equipment Specifications:
Motor: HXT Blue Wonder 1500 KV OR Turnigy 2730 1500 KV
Propeller: GWS 8043 SF FOR 2S, OR 8040 DD FOR 3S
Servos: HXT 9G (2), HXT 5g (1)
Battery: 360mah 2S - 2100mah 3S. 360mah 3S
Beacon Foam-Tac

An excellent glue for bonding Carbon Fiber, EPP and Depron planes. Can be used to make a living EPP or Depron hinge. Stays flexible unlike foam safe CA. Now available in 2oz bottles, 1oz tube or the 6-pack of the new 5ml tubes (1.014oz total).

Beacon Foam-Tac (please select size)
$11.00 per 2oz bottle,
$8.00 per 1oz tube,
$8.00 for a package of six 5ml (Mini) tubes
Quantities Limited.

picture of 2oz Foam-Tac picture of 1oz Foam-Tac picture of 5ml Foam-Tac Minis
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Creation date: Tuesday August 27, 2013
Last updated: Tuesday April 13, 2021

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