Mini Yak55 Instruction Addendum



These are the differences between the original 32” Leadfeather Yak55 kit build instructions and the Mini Yak55 kit.


The mini kit is 6mm EPP rather than the 9mm of the 32” kit.


The flat carbon strips are 5mm rather than 7mm and the pushrods are 1.3mm rods rather than 2mm rods.


In optional step 10, there is no additional flat carbon strip but the cutoff pieces of the pushrods can be used as well as in optional step 31.


In step 20, the motor (used in our completer) is mounted with 3 screws. When you glue the plywood disk into the fuselage, align the wires with the lower quadrant where the radio equipment will be located. This is easiest if you mount the screw in line with the notch to the bottom.


In step 22, the 3mm nose doublers have been omitted from the Mini Yak55 build.


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