RA Cores Electric GremTwin

GremTwin planform
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48" R/C Combat Gremlins and R/C Combat GremTwin (Full 48" Size)
are unavailable and out of stock for the moment.
They will return in the future.

The latest member in the Gremlin family is our new electric GremTwin. Based off the standard Gremlin planform it retains all the great handling of the stock Gremlin while adding the sounds and excitement of a twin. Being an electric it removes most of the hassles with dealing with an engine out situation and allows you to fly and enjoy the look of something different.

The GremTwin YouTube video playlist.

An online version of our illustrated instructions with "click to enlarge" color images
As announced in the
December 2011
Flying Models Issue
Flying Models Announcement
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$75 Full Kit
(Due to production and time constraints we are no longer offering the Almost Ready-to-Cover option)
GremTwin canopy and handle

The design incorporates a center "canopy" that is open so it acts as a handle for launching and has a CG hole for easy balancing. The fuselage pods provide plenty of space for adjusting the CG by moving the batteries and easy access to the motor wires and ESCs. The plane is set up to use 300 watt motors and dual 1300mah batteries for flat out performance for 8+ minutes.

GremTwin in flight

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Creation date: Thursday September 1, 2011
Last updated: Tuesday August 28, 2018

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