The Original R/C Combat Gremlin

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[image of Jim with Gremlin]
48" R/C Combat Gremlins and R/C Combat GremTwin (Full 48" Size)
are unavailable and out of stock for the moment.
They will return in the future.

This is the original R/C Combat Gremlin used in streamer combat contests since 1991. Designed to be a durable every day flier, the Gremlin gained national attention after it was flown in a streamer combat demo at the 1992 NATS, and was featured in an R/C Modeler construction article in the December 1992 issue. We have been providing cores since that article appeared, and over the years have introduced additional kit options including precut fuselages and full wood kits. We are no longer offering the Almost Ready-to-Cover option due to time constraints.

The Original R/C Combat Gremlin YouTube video playlist.

The CrashCast Episode 147 of TheCrashCast contained an impromptu segment on the Gremlin. One of my customers in Australia wrote in and it turns out the host, Mike "Crash" Hancock, is a long time Gremlin pilot and they took a trip down memory lane. Now Crash is going to do a segment on the Mini in March 2012 and hold a contest to give away a kit at the end of the month. He plans on flying a couple of the Minis in the full contact combat sessions at SEFF 2012. In Episode 152 I was interviewed and we rambled on and covered how I got started in the hobby, where the Gremlin came from and what RA Cores has been up to these last 20 years and where we seem to be headed. Be sure to check out his March podcasts with the build log of his Minis and for how to qualify for the Mini Gremlin kit giveaway.
Episode 147 An edited copy of the impromptu Gremlin lovefest - 20 minutes
Episode 152 An edited copy of the full interview/history - 60 minutes
$35 Full Kit
$20 Short Kit
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An online version of our illustrated instructions with "click to enlarge" color images
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The Gremlin is a unique looking yet stable plane that flies like it is on rails with the correct CG. More importantly, it is a fun plane to just take out and blast holes in the sky. While not a beginner airplane, it can be flown by anyone who is comfortable with an aileron trainer. It is a great winter "snow" plane since it just gets tossed into the air and doesn't need a clear footstep free section of runway. It needs no setup beyond fueling and can be put back in the car with no need for disassembling. It's a great everyday plane: toss it in the car, get a few flights at lunchtime and then head back to work. The electric option opens many more fields due to the absence of noise without any sacrifice in performance. The Gremlin is even used in pylon racing events and has been used by clubs to familiarize pylon judges with calling for their course on setup days. It might not be the only plane you fly, but it will earn its place when you are packing the car to head to the field.

What you get in the Full Kit as shipped.
picture of Original Gremlin kit picture of full kit wood bag contents
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Group shot from 2003

Creation date: Friday September 23, 2011
Last updated: Tuesday August 28, 2018

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