Sturbridge Spring Gremlin Contest



The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Spring Gremlin contest on April 10th. We had 11 pilots sign up, including several first timers with 9 pilots flying Stock class and 8 pilots flying Open class. The conditions for the day were very good except for a tail wind from the south/pits which made it a bit difficult to find a good launch direction and cost a few props. We had 4 cuts in Open class and only 3 in Stock class. Needless to say landing points played a huge part and we had fly-offs in both classes. Wally Adasczik, flying in his first contest, was heard to remark "This is harder than it looks!". Wally did ok for himself tying for 2nd place with bridesmaid Steve "Whispering Death" Brian who won the Stock fly-off. Winning Stock was Bob "nyah nyah nah nyah nah" Barger being the great sport as always. Steve generated a lot of ozone also having a fly-off for second in Open class, where he bested Bob Perreault while Tom "Nitro Man" Loose took first.

I want to thank Ray Fontaine for bringing the greatly appreciated refreshments, Bill Murtoff for the help with timing so I could fly, Bob Barger and Bob Perreault for the pictures and all the pilots, many of them traveling from NH, without whom the contest would have been rather dull. My final thought... Some of these Gremlins are too damn pretty! Jim - CD