Jim Reith

Just a brief page to explain who I am and what I'm doing here on the web. I got involved with the ARPAnet in the 1970s. I started out as one of the hackers of the 70s. I worked at a few companies like Nixdorf and Data General before finding myself at Symbolics, writing Lisp with the-usual-suspects. After Symbolics I started contract programming and have written software for graphics boards, web servers, memory tools, and my own projects. I have been using Macintosh computers personally since the early 80s but have used Linux to provide a true multitasking environment for my home Intel-based systems. I'm really impressed with the quality of Linux and the fact that a world-wide group of developers can put such a quality product together as a labor of love.

My personal interests

  • Nanotechnology - I've attended lectures by K. Eric Drexler and belong to the Nanotechnology Study Group through MIT
  • Superconductivity - This is a field I wish had been as hot as the last decade when I was a Physics major.
  • Space Access - I'm really thrilled to see technology like the Delta Clipper and the follow on X-33 technology take off.
  • Cyber communities - I have been involved with the Cybermind mailing list since 1994, am one of the co-moderators and still follow it when I have time.
  • Realtime Interactive Netspaces - I got involved in MOOing on the net through Cybermind and created a lounge space where cyber meetings/gatherings/discussions could take place. This was my first MOO programming experience. I'm coreman on PMC2.
  • Reading - I enjoy reading fiction, especially science fiction with a hard technological edge and certainly cyberpunk.
  • Animals - We practically have had our own zoo over the years. Most unusual is probably the ducks, We've raised Rouens, Pekins, and Indian Runners as pets.
  • Environmental - All the scrap foam and plastic from my hobby business is recycled
  • My hobbies

  • Radio Controlled Model Airplanes - This hobby turned into a business suddenly in 1992 and is still alive and well.
  • Woodworking - I own a Shopsmith Mark V and have kiln dried wood for my own projects.
  • Computers - It's more than a career, it's an obsession.
  • Computing interests

  • Macintosh Computers - The first computing appliance.
  • Linux - Free Unix for the masses.
  • VMS - Something to be said for mature, stable operating systems.
  • Windows NT - Hmmmm... smells like VMS
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista... Go on a diet man!
  • I can always be contacted here.

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    Created: Saturday June 8, 1996
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