Due to production and time constraints we are no longer offering the Almost Ready-to-Cover option for our Gremlin kits. Lead times had stretched out too far recently.

Announcing the new


introduced at Joe Nall Week 2017

Tim "IFlyOS" King Jr. has done a nice review of our BluFO-XL kit and completer for RCGroups.

We are pleased to announce that

Stone Blue Airlines

is now carrying our EPP BluFO kit on their website and it can be purchased here. Keep an eye out for an upcoming review.

Depron is not going to be available in the US.

Due to this we are going to stop selling our Depron models at this time. We still have some in inventory but we are only going to sell those at events. If you are looking for something specific, you can Contact Us and ask if we still have one in stock. Sorry about that. We have not had enough demand for these products to do a full retooling using Model Plane Foam since the thickness is less, the surface is softer and dings easier and the strength is less meaning you need to redesign some of the spar structures and then retest all the designs for durability. This is not something we are going to put the effort into at this time. We will investigate converting some of the designs not already available in EPP Foam into EPP Foam in the future.