Added the 32" Yak55 Removable Landing Gear as well as Mini Yak55 Removable Landing Gear to the website and our PayPal order form.

We are pleased to announce that

Stone Blue Airlines

is now carrying our EPP BluFO kit on their website and it can be purchased here. Keep an eye out for an upcoming review.

Added the EPP Mini P-51D Mustang to the website and our PayPal order form. Currently only the unpainted version is available.

Depron is not going to be available in the US.

Due to this we are going to stop selling our Depron models at this time. We still have some in inventory but we are only going to sell those at events. If you are looking for something specific, you can Contact Us and ask if we still have one in stock. Sorry about that. We have not had enough demand for these products to do a full retooling using Model Plane Foam since the thickness is less, the surface is softer and dings easier and the strength is less meaning you need to redesign some of the spar structures and then retest all the designs for durability. This is not something we are going to put the effort into at this time. We will investigate converting some of the designs not already available in EPP Foam into EPP Foam in the future.

FlyRC magazine has allowed us to post a PDF of their December 2016 5 page review of our Mini Yak55. Check it out if you didn't see it in the magazine.

Winter is here. Come fly indoors.

Our event season is now over until the AMA Expo East (formerly the WRAM Show) at the end of February. We will be flying indoors at several locations until then. We sell batteries and prebuilt RTF versions of our models at events which we can't ship and they are also available at the indoor venues. Stop by and see us at these places and possibly get to test fly one of the models and save yourself S&H. So if you are looking for a RTF Yak55, Mini Yak55, P-51D, BluFO or any of our kits and products, email or message us and let us know when you will be at one of the locations below and we will meet up with you and bring the plane or kit. Always a good idea to check a week ahead since I don't go to every venue every week. But I am at most of them once a month)

Here's the schedule and locations and costs:
(click the links for directions to the facilities)

Wednesdays 1-3pm Star Hill Tolland CT $10
Fridays 1-3pm Sports World East Windsor CT $10
Saturdays 8:30-11am RC Madness Enfield CT Free
several Saturdays 5pm-8pm FlyJams Chase Center Hudson Falls NY $15
Sundays 12-6pm Watervliet Dome Watervliet NY $30 for the season or $5/day

Introducing Foam-Tac Minis

Same Great Foam Tac formula in a easy to use, easy to carry and easy to dispense. 6 pack 5ML each tubes with precision tip. Perfect for carrying to the field for repairs!!!!
Mini Foam-Tac
(click to enlarge)

Now Carrying UMX 2S Battery Connectors

We are now including in our Yak55 Mini completers the connector to use your UMX 2S batteries. We will still supply the JST connector but due to people saying they wanted to use the batteries they already have we will provide that connector also. Additional connectors will also be available for setting up charging cables. This is the connector for the ESC side.
2S UMX battery Connector
(click to enlarge)

Ralph Squillace wrote a really nice review of our EPP Yak55 kit on RCGroups

Read the full review at

RA Cores Yak 55 Review

Whether it's flown for 3D or for sport, this compact model delivers some serious fun.
Review By Ralph Squillace | Aug 25, 2014, 07:46 AM
The RA Cores Yak 55 is a winner, pure and simple. It's made right here in the USA, technical support is a close as an email to Jim Reith and assembly was fast, easy and fun. I even learned something:
Glue hinges are cool!
Two thumbs up just as high as I can give. The Yak 55 is already a favorite and it will be joining me for a lot of future flights over beautiful Indian Wells.