The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Fall Gremlin contest on September 25th at 10am. Stock and open classes were flown with 5 competitors in stock and 8 in open. Stock class was rather quiet all day with the only two cuts coming in the third round. Charlie Casavecchia tasted his first streamer cutting Bob Barger Sr and Bob Barger Jr cut Steve Brian flying designated target due to the odd number of contestants. It should be noted that Charlie had Bob Perreault coaching him for the first two rounds but in the third round, on his own, he got his cut. Hmmmm.... Steve Brian was on his game as he nailed all three of his landings which got him third place.

Open class is where the action happened with 8 competitors and many cuts. The first round alone saw Dennis Phelan, Steve Brian and Bob Barger Sr get cuts, it had the look of a competitive day. Round 2 saw Steve get another cut by putting Bob "trash talk" Barger Sr into the ground for the kill. Round 3 started much the same with Bob Perreault nailing Bob Sr for the cut and kill. Bob P landed safely but you could literally see deep into his wing. I don't think the picture does it justice. 4 heats and 4 cuts in the round with a familiar name popping up again, Steve Brian. Steve got three cuts in three rounds and 2 out of three landings (only missed Bob's crash landing point as it wasn't given)! Mr Trash Talk took the TRASH home this time, 3 out of 4 planes broken (yeah, one of Bob Jr's also). I think this one counts as real Bob, Steve took it all.


Sturbridge Gremlin Contest Sunday September 25th 2011