Electric Firewall Plate
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Electric Firewall in Fuselage
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With the popularity of electric planes and the appearance of several Electric Gremlins at the contests, I felt it was worthwhile to offer an electric firewall option. in the past we have recommended that the end user use the "nitro" flat plate mount and fashion a vertical firewall from that. Since we are having many of our products laser cut now, it made sense to just have these mounts cut and available. As you can see the mount fits inside the PVC fuselage and is attached by drilling and screwing through from the side. 4 or 8 screws can be used into the corners depending on the screws used. There is a 3/8" diameter center hole for any shaft/bearing required clearance and symmetrical wiring/cooling vents on all 4 edges. If your motor requires a different design you can always request the original flat plate nitro mount and cut your own from the supplied plywood.
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Last updated: Sunday September 22, 2013