NERCCA Gremlin Combat Calendar 1995

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The Frosty Gremlin Combat meet took place at Beattie Field in Rhode Island on Sunday, March 12th. The meet lived up to its name as a light but steady ocean breeze made it necessary to keep bundled up all day. Two classes were flown with 14 pilots in the Stock Class and 9 in the Open. Three preliminary rounds were flown with the top four point getters in each class squaring off in the fly-off. Being the first competition of the year the action wasn't as "close in" as it will be later on, thus only one mid-air in the preliminary rounds. Ray M. and John Garlock banged Gremlin noggins and both were out for the remainder of the day. Some planes were put out of commission by the frozen runway and others that spun into the field for one reason or other did not fare too well either.

In a quite unusual situation, there were no "cuts" in the preliminary rounds of the Stock Class. There were three in the Open Class. Lawson Gunn, Wally Richardson and Jim Reith all scored early cuts in the first or second round.

The top four in the Stock Class to go into the fly-offs were; Eric Henderson, Steve Smith, Wayne Field and Dan Snow. The top four in Open were; Eric Henderson, Lawson Gunn, Dan Snow and Jim Reith.

In the first Stock fly-off Eric and Steve went at it with Eric coming out on top by about 2 feet on the spot landing. In the next match Dan beat Wayne by about the same distance. Wayne was flying in his first competition and went on to score the only cut of the day in Stock competition and took third place in the class. The match between Dan and Eric for first never took place, I'll explain later.

In the Open Class Eric and Lawson Gunn competed in what might have been the best match of the day. Lawson was the top point getter in either class in the preliminaries, both planes were tweaked to the max and in the hands of two very skilled pilots. But no cuts and Eric won on the landing. In fact, all day long, Eric won all but one of his landings. In the other match, Dan Snow, using his Stock plane in the Open Class (his Open plane broke a mount), was matched against Jim Reith who had just replaced a broken mount on his plane. Jim seemed to have a slight speed advantage but couldn't cash in and Dan won on the landing. During this landing the frozen runway ate up Dan's mount on his only remaining plane and he was forced to withdraw before he could fly against Eric in both the Stock and Open Class finals. Eric was declared the winner in both classes. Congratulations Eric!

By now it was about 3 P.M. The chill was getting to many pilots and spectators and many had left for the day. They missed the fireworks!! In the final match of the day, Jim Reith and Lawson Gunn, neither ever shy about mixing it up, were involved in a spectacular mid-air. Jim's fuselage went into a spin which slowed it just enough to have Lawson's hit the ground a split second before his. This caused the biggest roar of the day from all the pilot's in the pit area. You have to love this Gremlin competition. The biggest reaction of the day, saved for the results of a race to the ground between two shattered and twisted Gremlins. It was a fitting way to end a combat meet. At least from a spectators viewpoint.

Thanks to all the pilots who competed and a special thanks once again to cut judge Art Massie and to "Chef Geoff" Beaven. We hope to see everyone back here again in August...................... Charlie Hochstrasser




And from Steve Smith's perspective:

Yesterday, was the first of the year (I believe) gremlin combat contest held at the Rhode Island Aeromodelers field in (where else) Rhode Island. There was a great turnout despite the chilly temperatures and the HTA'S "almost" walked away with all the prizes in both stock and open classes.

[Editor's comment: All the prize winners WERE from the CMRCM club and Wayne has been nominated as an HTA]

We arrived at the field about 8:30 and only a couple of R.I. people were there. Come to find out, Jim Reith, Dan Snow, Ray M., Rene had all arrived even earlier than us and had driven over to Coventry for coffee. Anyway, sometime around 9, people really started to arrive and we ended up with a pretty good crowd. I'm just guessing but I think there was something like 24 people between stock and open. We flew 3 rounds of combat and then 4 (i think) flyoff rounds to determine the winners.

There were 3 cuts the whole day and 2 mid-airs. The first midair, I'm not sure what happened but it looked like both gremlins just slapped wings. No parts came off in the air. Still, both gremlins came down and sustained alot of damage upon impact due to the frozen ground and cold temps making the PCV fuses very brittle. The second midair was a TRUE midair with a real solid impact and half a gremlin spiriling down. At first, it didn't look like the other gremlin had sustained any damage but he ended up going in too. The funny part was, although Jim Reith, who lost half the wing, was at a much lower altitude after the impact, the other gremlin managed to beat him to the ground so Jim was the winner (last fuse down).

I flew 3 decent rounds but couldn't get a cut for anything. I flew against Rene, Jack Z. and Kay. The only thing I can say is that I DID manage to win the landing points on each round. At least I was doing that right. Because of that, I was included in the top 4 at the end of the 3 rounds and was, therefore in the flyoffs. First flyoff was against Eric for the stock class. We had a hell of a battle but neither could get a cut. Unfortunately, for me, Eric beat me out on the landing buy about a foot. Then I found myself in another flyoff for 3rd place in stock against Wayne Field. About half way through the round, I wrapped his streamer around my wing but the darn thing stayed attached. I even have a cut clean through my leading edge where the streamer string pulled across it. But, no cigar. A short while later, Wayne did the same thing to me and my streamer, OF COURSE, broke off. 8^) So, Wayne got the cut and took third place in stock. This was, by the way, Wayne's FIRST combat contest and he did great. WAY TO GO WAYNE. It was amazing how he handled that wing even though it wasn't spinning......8^)

By the end of the flyoffs, Jim Reith had taken third place in Open. Dan Snow took First AND second in open. Eric took first AND second in Stock and Wayne took third. So, the HTA'S took first, second, and third in the open class and first and second in stock. Way to go team.

All and all, an good contest. Not much carnage and determined "fighting". Could have been a bit warmer but it was bareable. Looking forward to the next one April 2nd.

Contest report for the March 26th Texas UNcontest - Sandy Frank

WOW! it was totally awesome.... OUR first R/C Combat - UNcontest this was a time trials and practice funflying day for r/c combat. The object was to encourage tail chasing and cutting and target practice rather than competition. There were no entry fees but there was a side pot that was voluntary and the club added a new fm radio to the pot. There were no rounds and matches set, any one there could challenge any one else or there were designated towers and chaser. If you wanted a 100 ft string tied so that they would aim at tail rather than aircraft that was ok too... Several just flew around and tried to let others cut them and sharpen their aim several tried new designs ( we combat with no design restrictions). 18 people showed up and 10 entered the side pot. For many this was the first combat they ever tried. Prior to this they were only spectators... They would never have entered a real cutthroat combat meet. A couple even needed help in landing they were beginners who were converted over to combateers. It rained on and off all day. We changed to plastic coated picnic table cloth when it got too wet for crepepaper tails... It was almost nonstop dogfighting... a few midairs... a few crashes but due to supervision and flying airspace restriction nothing but balsa and foam was hurt... this was an early spring warm up... It was held the day following our local swap meet and auction (we had 500 attend the swap meet) several craft flown came from the proceeding days auction.

THIS was a really fun event... for further info about it email to me directly and I will fill in the details...

MCRCF First Annual Combat Contest

The 1995 flying season got off to an unofficial start on Sunday, April 2, when the Middlesex County R/C Flyers hosted it's first Gremlin Combat contest. Even though the temperature was a little on the cool side and some people forgot to set their clocks forward, festivities began promptly at 9:30. We had approximately 14 flyers from different clubs including one person from as far away as Rhode Island. In the interest of getting as many people involved as possible the contest was setup with two classes, one consisting of Gremlins running a "stock" configuration and 25 size engines. The "open" class consisted of any plane with a 40 size or smaller engine. The pilots were close to evenly split between the two classes with some pilots electing to fly both ( this proved to be a sound financial decision for some people).

The open class pilots were the first to take to the air. Bill Pascucci was the first to suffer damage during the first heat, when attempting to perform the perfect spot landing, he cart wheeled his plane. Even thought the damage wasn't fatal it did put him out for the rest of the day. The next crashed occurred just two heats later when Kerry Caviston crashed his Sig Fazer. Post mortem after the fact revealed that the elevator servo horn had broke ( since I am currently building this kit I am anxious to find out if the horn was the one they provide in the kit). The first round ended uneventfully with Kay Fisher in the lead with his 2 points for the first cut of the day.

The stock class was made up of mostly veteran pilots from other Gremlin Combats. The first round was going smoothly with Gary Christiansen , Ray Mierzejawski, and the ever so humble John Yaz picking up two points each for cuts. The last two flyers in this heat , John Robinson and Larry Caffary, gave us a great show when there two Gremlins mid aired over the field. Needles to say both planes were crashed well beyond the field repair stage. I felt especially bad for these two guys because they were friends and didn't what to fly against each other, but since they had shown up late that was the way they were paired. After the crash John told me that they had promised to take it easy on each other.

The second rounds in both classes was uneventful, with nobody getting a cut and no crashes occurring. The stage was set for the dynamic duo of Gary Christiansen and John Yaz to go head to head for the final battle of who was really the Gremlin Combat king.

The final round consisted of two heats in the stock class and three in the open. These would decide the final outcome for first, second and third places. The first two flyers were Gary C. and John Yaz. This promised to be a great battle since both contenders were flying well with one cut each to their credit. After what seemed liked a 20 minute round neither flyer had succeeded in getting a cut. The rights to first place were to be decided by the dreaded spot landing. When the dust had settled Gary Christiansen had won by a mere 3 inches. Third place in the stock class also came down to which of the two pilots Kay Fisher or Ray Mierzejawski came closest to the landing spot. Ray came out on top. The battle for top honors in the open class was played out between Gary Christiansen (yes the same one that won stock class) and the clubs very own resident nutcase George (jungle) McQuillian. Gary lucked out in this round since George attempted the little tried maneuver of a vertical takeoff. The plane rose to about six feet above the ground before its poor power to weight ratio forced George to cut the engine, causing his plane to crash and Gary to win by default. Third place in the open class was caught in a three way tie between Lawson Gunn, Mike Bumbaca and John Robinson. The first heat between John and Lawson went to John. The next heat brought what most people thought was the most spectacular crash of the day when Mike Bumbaca came out of a loop too low and smashed straight into a tree that had just jumped up to meet him. Do to the time of year we were all afforded a great view of the plane hitting the branches. What a great way to finish the contest.

That about sums up the clubs first and hopefully not last combat contest. All the money collected went back to the flyers (minus the money for streamers). First place finishers received $20 each, second received $15 and third place finishers got bragging rights. A Gremlin kit that had been donated by RC Buyers Warehouse was raffled of to the pilots. The winner was Lawson Gunn. In closing I would like to thank all the people who helped me make this contest possible especially the judges Ray Capobianco and Lee Allen. I was also wondering if John Yaz now has to give the "Combat Champion" mug to Gary Christiansen since he is the current undisputed king of combat.

Final standings are listed below:

Stock Class
Gary Christiansen
John Yassemedis
Ray Mierzejawski
Kay Fisher
Rene Rusche
Wayne Field
John Robinson
Larry Caffary
Bill Pascucci
Lawson Gunn

Open Class
Gary Christiansen
George McQuillan
John Robinson
Lawson Gunn
Mike Bumbaca
Dave Comeau
Kerry Caviston
Bill Pascucci

Contest Announcements

New summertime contest announcement

Heli's Angels of North Dartmouth, Ma. will be holding a Combat Gremlin Competition on Sunday, July 23rd. CD Stewart Russell, 508-636-6450 Times and rules will be announced at a later date.

From Rt. 195 in No. Dartmouth take Exit 11, Reed Rd. north, 1.7 mi. to Hixville Rd. Go right on Hixville .7 mi.(7/10). Take right on dirt road just after stone wall.

CMRCM contest on April 30th

The weather was iffy, which is typical for Gremlin contests in New England. Seems we always have either rain, cold, high winds, or any and all of them at the same time!! I knew that a couple of pilots were planning to show based on the phone calls I had received the day before, but there was also some confusion about the date because another contest had been cancelled from the weekend before.

It turns out I needn't have worried!! 19 pilots showed up to battle for the cash prizes, 18 registering for the stock class, and 10 registering for the open class. With this large a turnout we were not able to have the four rounds I had planned, settling for 3 instead. We almost had a mutiny and stopped at 2, but more on that later.

I was trying out a new scoring system that I had borrowed from Eric Henderson and modified slightly. I used a glider landing ribbon to award landing points from 100 to zero points. A cut was scored at 200 points, the amount was arbitrary, and could be adjusted either way. Both pilots were eligible for landing points even if a cut HAD been scored. The biggest difference was that cut points out weighed landing points. One 200 point cut beat 300 landing points!! The idea was to stress cuts rather than landing expertise! If more than one pilot scored a cut, then the landing points were used as a tie-breaker. It seemed to be pretty well received, and actually worked as intended. For the first time in the 4+ years I've done gremlin combat the first three places in both classes all had at least 1 cut, with the landing points being the tie-breaker between 2nd and 3rd in open and 2nd and 3rd in stock.

The first round went pretty smoothly with John Yassemedis scoring the only cut flying in the open class. Jim Reith was doing his best to win the "We try harder". He ripped out an elevon and was moved to the end of the first stock round while he did repairs. No cuts were scored in the stock class, and less than 1/2 the pilots scored any landing points!

After the first round we took what was supposed to be a short lunch break, but got rather interesting when we were ready to start and over half the pilots were still "out to lunch"!! But we got them in the air as they wandered back to the field. Kay Fisher scored the first stock class cut by clipping Charlie Hochstrasser in the first flight of the second round. Stewart Russell scored a cut in the open class, putting him temporarily ahead of John Y. by virtue of his landing points.

After the second round a vote was taken on whether or not to continue. It was cloudy, windy, and COLD, and the contest was going to run till well after 3:00p.m. if we had a third round. The vote was 8 to 8 with three not voting. A coin toss was used to break the tie, with the winners being those that wanted to continue.

After the vote was over we got into the third and final round, and things quickly got interesting in the stock class. John Y. scored a cut against Rene Rusche, and was tied with Kay F. on landing points. Ray M. also scored a cut to throw his hat in the ring, and was as short lived leader in landing points. However Kay put 'em all away by scoring his second cut, and picking up 92 out of a possible 100 points on the landing. The final scores in stock were:

Kay Fisher - 400 Cut points - 204 Landing points
Ray Mierzejewski - 200 Cut points - 244 Landing points
John Yassemedis - 200 Cut points - 204 Landing points

In the Open class, Rene made the game interesting by scoring a cut against David Comeau, making it a three way race. But John was not to be denied, scoring a cut against Ray Smith to lock up first place. The final scores for the open class were:

John Yassemedis - 400 Cut points - 120 Landing points
Stewart Russell - 200 Cut points - 156 Landing points
Rene Rusche - 200 Cut points - 148 Landing points

I want to thank all that attended either as pilots or spectators. I felt that the contest went smoothly, there were some incredible battles fought in the air, and there were NO MID-AIRS!! But then I was CD-ing, not flying!

Dan Snow

Lazy Loopers Gremlin Contest

The Lazy Loopers Gremlin contest on May 13th was rained out. 6-7 people showed up but the drizzle and rain persisted and the temperature was dropping. George Dainis and Kay Fisher insisted that it was flyable but after George launched, his streamer dissolved in mid-air before Kay was adjusted and launched. 30 seconds later, Kay's streamer departed as well. After proving that the cloud base was about 200' up and the rain on their glasses wasn't helping matters, they both landed and packed up to fight another day. The prizes and streamers will be carried over to the contest in Oxford on the 20th.

Jim Reith - Acting CD

Rocky Hill Flyers Contest Report

The Rocky Hill Flyers sponsored a Gremlin contest on May 20th. 6 fliers attended and 6 rounds of stock class were flown. The weather cooperated and we had a great time. The format was similar to previous contests with a closest to the mark landing task and three minute rounds. Ray Mierzejewski had the only cut of the day in the very first pairing. Lawson Gunn flat spun his Gremlin in in the first round and continued with his Open class ship due to a broken fuselage. In the second round Lawson was involved in a mid-air with Finn Arnold between their open class ships which took both planes out of the competition. Finn then continued using his Stock plane against the other competitors and at one point had to swap a fin (no pun intended) to continue. Ray Mierzejewski and Joe Lemanski also mid-aired in the 4th round. Joe was able to repair his plane with a borrowed needle valve assembly from Ray and Ray flew his open class ship at half throttle in the last two rounds. Kay Fisher and Rene Rusche rounded out the field. The top three received cash prizes of $15, $10, and $5 and the final placement was:

1st - Ray Mierzejewski - 1 cut, 2 landings and a last down
2nd - Joe Lemanski - 3 landings and 2 last downs
3rd - Kay Fisher - 2 landings and 1 last down


Gremlin Contest, Saturday, October 28, 1995 at the Flying Eagles field in New Boston, NH.

Registration will start at 8:30 AM. Pilots meeting at 9:30. Contest starts at 10 AM.

Rules will be the same as we used at last year's Halloween contest.

Streamers & string will be supplied

Two classes: stock and open Gremlins

This is a Sanctioned event; AMA membership is required and radios must be Gold Stickered

$5 entry fee per class. Free admission for spectators & helpers.

Prizes and certificates will be given for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each class.

Bring your own food and beverage.

From the South: Use your favorite method to get to Rt 13. The New Boston field is several miles north of Mont Vernon center, and when you pass the Barss variety store on the right, you are almost there. Go about 1 1/2 miles further north and turn left on South Hill Rd. The entrance to the field is about 1/4 mile in on the left.

From the North: Use favorite way to Route 13 South. Go thru New Boston Village. Turn right on South Hill Road which is about 1.8 miles south of the village.

Any questions, just call one of us.

Joe Marrone, CD 603-429-0914
Alton Ryder, Assistant CD 603-673-1776

. . . Sorry, no information is available for this particular contest at this time.

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