NERCCA Gremlin Combat Calendar 1999

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Contest Reports

Sturbridge Spring Combat Report - 5/1/99

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their season opening combat contest at 10am on saturday with blue skys and light north winds. Six combatants arrived to fly and it was good to see some of the long time combatants again. The field consisted of Wayne Field, Mike LaPierre, Rene Rusche, Ray Mierzejewski, Dave Walter, and George Dainis. Since all the people had stock Gremlins, we decided to hold the contest as simply a Stock Gremlin contest. The contest was flown with 4 minute rounds, in a man-on-man format with 3 points for a cut and 1 point for landing closest to the spot. 4 rounds were flown by all and we had 6 cuts/mid-airs during the 12 engagements. Wayne "Mr. Bandsaw" Field proved that chopper pilots know how to spot land as well as the glider guys and won the event with 2 cuts/mid-airs and landing points in every round for a total of 10 points. His 4th round mid-air of Dave Walter seemed to leave both planes reasonably intact but Dave soon discovered a total radio failure and the plane went in almost totally vertical into some rocks at the treeline. The plane was pretty well totalled and the engine had just about everything breakable broken. The impact beveled the crankshaft and nut off at a 45 degree angle. The battery pack had one cell crushed and the wires cut. Several other mid-airs took place, with most of them continuing to be flyable but upon examination on the ground, prop cuts in wings and fins were the telling factors. Lots of tape was used and everyone flew in each round. George seemed to set a record for breaking 5 props in 4 rounds. The final standings were as follows:

Wayne - 10 points, 2 cuts, 4 landings
Rene - 8 points, 2 cuts, 2 landings
Ray - 4 points, 1 cut, 1 landing
Dave - 4 points, 1 cut, 1 landing
George - 2 points, 2 landings
Mike - 1 point, 1 landing

Before and after the contest, Dave Walter showed off his arm by flying his handlaunch glider and climbing out a couple of times. As we were ending the 3rd round, a couple of guys from the Bose group that flies the Knock-Offs that Finn Arnold puts together showed up and after the contest, they got in a couple of flights. In their last flight of the day, one of the KO's streamer got cut off at the string and got caught in a thermal and due to the light wind, hung over the field for repeated passes and a couple of successful cuts. The streamer (with most of the string) continued to climb out in the thermal to disappear to the southwest.

All in all a very good contest with a good turnout of spectators that definately got into the spirit of things.

Sturbridge Fall Combat Report - 9/18/99


I took the short drive up to Sturbridge, Mass. to fly in Jim's contest. Today was a beautiful day with the wind picking up a bit. Well, there wasn't a good tournout, where were all you guys? Jim was ready to host, Rene Rusche and Ray Mierzejewski were ready to fly. Four spectators were on hand, including Jack, out to see his first real contest. Jack was 'bummed' over the low turnout.

I had built up two new Gremmies for the event and used the few minutes before the opening match to get in a test flight. Streamers were attached and we talked for a bit, hoping more fliers would show. Then we flew enough times to find out who won!

All of us know combat and the fights were all tough. Only one cut on me from Rene. Landings determined most matches, I think we all had a good one and a bad one! Rene was declared the winner!

After the meet, Jack and I drove down the road for a bite to eat, then went on to the Pratt & Whitney flying field in East Hartford to view some of the flying at the 'fun fly' going on there. It was interesting, especially the 'turbine' powered jets. They're nothing like the ducted fans, much nicer sounding. There were some nice looking planes there and it was a nice way to while away the afternoon. The fun fly will be on again tomorrow[Sunday] check it out if you can. Sorry I can't really give directions except to say it's off of RT-2 in East Hartford.

Dennis Phelan

Gremlin contest report - Oxford MA - 10/23/99

The Oxford Gremlin contest was held with an hour delay today. It did manage to let a few of us get in trim flights on virgin Gremlins. The weather did clear and the usual suspects arrived. Rene, Ray, Dennis and myself each flew each other and then we did an all up at once that was interesting since everyone decided that yellow and red/orange was a good color scheme. No mid-airs and only one mishap. During the all up, Ray's hat blew off (did I mention wind? WIND! 8^) so one of the "helpful" spectators put it back on him, unfortunately, down over his eyes. Ray managed to get is eyes clear with 10' of altitude, pointed down and pancaked in at full throttle. Much to the amusement of the spectators, the only damage was some torn monocoat near one tip. After the whole thing was over and there had been no cuts and landing points meant hitting the field, Dennis and I went up, unofficially and Dennis managed to free my streamer, and improve my speed. He had to get his .42 powered Gremmie out to do it 8^)

A good time was had by all, and two/three of the spectators have Gremlins in process for the next one.

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