NERCCA Gremlin Combat Calendar 2000

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Contest Reports

Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association of Olympia, WA - 3/5/00

The Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Association of Olympia, Washington held their first Combat Gremlin contest on the 5th of March. This was a club members only contest. There were ten contestants. We flew two rounds with a fly off round to determine the winner. There was one mid-air with both planes totaled. There were a couple of crashes. We also had four streamer cuts. The club is hoping to hold a contest sometime this summer. Will keep you posted. All of the Gremlins were flown with .40 size engines. Not so much the need for speed as everyone has .40 engines and not everyone has a .25 size engines.

The following club members flew in this contest.

Ryan Clerget (5 points, Winner of contest)
Rick Sowell (4 points)
Paul Clerget (3 points)
Tom Gallagher (3 points)
Gene Greenlee (1 point)
Gene Bowling (1 point)
Kevin Berry
Scott Knudson
Peter Haven
Ron Olson

Judges and Timers.

Gren Hawes
Juan Fernandez

Sturbridge Lawn Darts season opener - 4/16/00

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts will held their tax stress relief season opener on Sunday April 16th with a 1pm delayed start due to morning rain. Five of the usual suspects showed up including Mike LaPierre, Rene Rusche, Ray Mierzejewski, George Dainis and the CD, Jim Reith. There were three cuts during the four rounds flow including a first flight cut draped over the wing by Ray to start us off. Rene got a third round cut and George finished things out with the final cut in round 4. Many of the landing points were awarded by tape measurements with at least three decided by about 10 inches.

The final standings were:
George Dainis (6 points)
Rene Rusche (4 points) (winner of fly-off by a landing)
Ray Mierzejewski (4 points)
Mike LaPierre (3 points)
Jim Reith (2 points)

The other interesting thing was that this picture was taken after the contest, showing all the planes still intact. From left to right, Ray, George, Jim, Rene, and Mike. Rene also helped test fly one of the local rookies new Gremlins. After everything was over Mike put on quite a show with his Stearman which looks very realistic in the air with it's smoke.

Lazy Loopers Spring contest - 5/7/00

Bill Archibald's Usenet contest report

Whew !!!!!!

Here we've been bitching about the winter weather dragging on.... WHEN SUDDENLY summer smacks us full in the face just in time for the International Invitational Gremlin Combat at the Lazy Loopers $1M field in Wrentham Mass.

Reliable reports indicated a high of 96 the shade.

Seven sweaty pilots entered the competition in STOCK (OS 25 FP or equivalent) and/or OPEN (anything else) categories. They were Jim Archer (aka Ian Obac) (open), George Dainis(open), Terry Lee (open), Brian Felice (open and stock), Wayne Field (stock), Jim Reith (stock), and Bill Archibald (stock).

Knowing it impolite to mention my results first, it really is the best place TO start the report (from lowest to highest). I am proud to claim DEAD LAST with ZERO points !!! It was hard, but with full concentration and perseverance I was able not only to miss my opponents' streamers but landed so far from the target that instead of a tape rule, I saw a sextant being used to calculate my position.

In STOCK class, Jim Reith, the Gremlin kit supplier, coming off an embarrassing performance two weeks ago, scored only one point with a proximity landing against the low man on the pole...............(me). He finished third.

Terry Lee (one of THOSE Rhode Islanders) also scored one point in OPEN class when he bettered Jim/Ian for landing score. Terry finished out of the money in OPEN. We should be thankful that a professional pilot tries his utmost to AVOID collisions.

George Dainis (he oft adds his $.02 here) craftily guided his incredibly fast and smooth missile to score a cut against Jim/Ian and a landing point against Terry. George grabbed third place in OPEN with four points. He was well on his way to second place when Jim A. dazzled the crowd with a come from behind stretch run that gave him a total of five points. That stretch run was a last round encounter with Brian "ScissorsHand" Felice. Not only did Jim cut Brian's streamer for the first time of the day, but won the single landing point vaulting him ahead of George.

Back in STOCK class, Wayne cut Jim R. and gained single landing points from Jim R., Bill, and Brian thus scoring a respectable six points to finish second. Brian Felice acting like hot steel through warm butter, sliced his way to first place with an impressive eight points having cut Bill and Wayne and out landing Bill and Jim R.

Yes, Brian won OPEN class also with cuts and landing advantages against Terry and George, but met his match at the hands of the visiting Limey, the honorable Jim Archer. (There were rumors that Brian "gave" Jim second place....but we all know better, don't we). It should be noted that Brian used a stock Gremlin for both classes............a little insult added to the injuries ?

There was no "styrofoam snow" but there was one impressive mid-air "bump" between Brian and George that resulted in Brian not only cutting George's streamer, but absconding with streamer and string and bringing them safely back to the runway. Damage was slight to both Gremlins and thus ignored.

All agreed this day was WAY TOO much fun for adults to have for SO LITTLE expense.

I wish to publicly thank all who helped me thru losing my virginity as a (unofficial) CD and a participant in a Gremlin Combat. Without Daytripper's and Jim Reith's sage advice, I would now be a quivering mass of jellied nerves.

Obviously there was much more to this day than a few overgrown children chasing toy planes around the sky. Gatherings like this are the true glue that bonds this hobby.

For the stories behind the story, ask certain well know participants here about spending hours on end locked in a Rhode Island basement only to crash their chariots one day prior and a few minutes prior to curtain call.

Photos are promised in the near future


And George Dainis' followup

Read Bill's full text for a very nice review. I only want to add:

On Mon, 08 May 2000 02:00:30 GMT, Bill Archibald wrote:

>There was no "styrofoam snow" but there was one impressive mid-air "bump"
>between Brian and George that resulted in Brian not only cutting George's
>streamer, but absconding with streamer and string and bringing them safely
>back to the runway. Damage was slight to both Gremlins and thus ignored.

There was actually one in stock before the one I was in from the open class. Brian and Terry met in a very nice one in the early rounds. Brian (a) cut Terry; (b) got the landing points; (c) put one prop slice all the way through Terry's wing, one prop slice 75% of the way through the wing 4 inches behind the first, and a nice prop slice through the elevon; and (d) knocked one of Terry's fins back at a 60 degree angle [yes, children, that's why they have two tails].

Brian seems to get a lot of points from those midairs. Damn first timers!! ;^)

Best of all, I think one of Terry's friends got both of them on tape. If so, we'll try to get some mpegs up on the web.


Rocky Hill Flying Circus - June 3

Report on Gremlins@Rocky Hill Sat.June3, the day after the terrific rain on Friday.

Arrived at gate about 8:00 AM - decided to wait and see who would show. Rene drove up and went to check out the road to the field - he found the hill pretty beat up. Paul H. came next and then Jim. At this point it is close to 10:00 and I came close to cancelling. Then Dennis pulled up and we had to GO! He drove too far a distance to have me cancel.

The day turned out quite well - a bit windy but Gremlin flyable. We had 4 experienced Grem pilots and one newbie,- Paul Horanzy. Paul has been around for a long time, but new to Gremlins. We flew 5 rounds each. We all got to fly against each other. Great!

Jim had the only cut - against me. A new record I believe - 20+ seconds. And I was using my invisible streamer. If I'm not mistaken, this was Jim's first Gremlin win. Congratulations Jim!

The day scores.
Jim Reith 5pts. 1st.
Dennis Phelan 3pts. 2nd.
Ray Mierzejewski 2pts 3rd. after fly off with Paul Horanzy
Paul Horanzy 2pts. 4th.
Rene Rusche 1pt. 5th.

Paul flew 4 rounds with a really sick engine. Finally got it fixed for the last round. Made a couple of miraculous saves out of the trees. All in all a pretty good day. Thanks for coming guys. Hope to do it again later on.

Rocky Hill website

Sturbridge MA Fall Combat - 9/24/00 @10am

The Sturbridge MA Lawn Darts will be holding their fall Gremlin contest on Sunday September 24th at 10am. The field will be open at 8:30am for test flights and pilot registrations. Jim Reith will be the CD and open and stock classes will be held, based on the turnout in each class. As usual, any weather cancellations will be put on the RA Cores answering machine at (508) 765-9998.

Rocky Hill Flying Circus - October 14th

The Rocky Hill Flying Circus in Oxford MA will host it's fall Gremlin combat contest on October 14th starting at 10am. Gates will open at about 8:30am with a pilot's meeting shortly before 10am. Registration will be the normal $5 per plane per class with Stock (bushing .25) Gremlins and open class flown

Rocky Hill website - Has Map
You want to head south from the Mass Turnpike exit 10 in Auburn on Rt 395 (this is what Rt290 through Worcester turns into south of the Pike) or north on Rt395 from Connecticut and get off at exit 4, Sutton Ave., Oxford Center, heading west towards Oxford Center. When you get to the lights in Oxford Center you continue straight through and go 1 mile and on the right you should find Old Howarth Rd. Continue down Old Howarth Rd. for .7 miles looking for a dirt road on the right, lined with large boulders. On the enterance there is a gate, it will be closed but unlocked, please close it back over when you are inside. Welcome to the Rocky Hill Fliers field!

Black Sheep Squadron Summer League - Wednesday Evenings

I've chosen to go back to wednesday evenings for combats. It just puts it farther from the weekends and glider flying. Meaning, I get a better chance to repair and get ready for the next weekends practice or contest.

Black Sheep Squadron - Durham CT - field directions
For someone coming from exit 15 on I-91....go East on Rt 68 for about 5 miles. About a half mile past the "farms" is Maple Ave. Turn right on Maple and go up the road to the open field, don't go farther than the hard left hand bend. You can see the frequency board from Maple. Turn hard right at the tree and go down the dirt road to the end.

Dennis Phelan

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