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Contest Reports

Sturbridge MA Spring Combat - 4/22/01 Contest results

The weather cooperated in a big way with temperatures in the 80s after an overnight shower. 10 contestants showed up to fly 4 rounds in stock and open classes. Dennis "Slick" Phelan showed that glider guys can get it done by running away with open class with 2 cuts and 3 landings followed by Bob Nicholos and Dick Lempicki. These were Bob's first flights with a streamer! In Stock class Mike LaPierre and Paul Horanzy split the top spot while Dick Lempicki took third in that class as well. Dick managed 3rd in both classes in spite of being in two midairs and having to swap out a wing borrowed from Dennis between rounds. A good contest with everyone doing well in the 20+mph winds that took down shade canopies in the pits and a good mix of new attendees and seasoned veterans. Next month we'll have our next contest in Westboro MA at the CMRCM field on 5/20 and on 6/10 we'll be in Oxford MA. A big thanks to Darin "D-mon" Bellis for help with timing the rounds so I could catch some of the action on video. I hope he knows his Corsair went on to a better place. Many thanks to all who went off on the successful search party. Looking forward to seeing the P-51 soon.

The following are of one of the midairs we caught on video. This GIF is 10 cropped and animated (looping - hit escape to stop) frames of the impact.

CMRCM Westboro MA - 5/20/01 @10:30am

The CMRCM Gremlin contest held last weekend was well attended by both classes. Many new faces made appearances and we had 9 contestants in each class. The weather cooperated with a nice day with a slight breeze and we didn't have a midair all day. Stock class flew 3 rounds, with 3 regular round cuts and with a flyoff decided by a cut as well. The final standings were as follows:

Ray Mierzejewski First place - 4 points - Won flyoff with a cut
Brian Gawronski Second place - 4 points
Russ Miller Third place - 4 points - unable to flyoff due to damage

Also flying in Stock class were Rene Rusche, Dick Lempicki, Jim Dibb, Dennis Phelan, Joe Lemanski, and Paul Horanzy.

Open class also had 9 entrants and also flew 3 rounds but saw 7 cuts during the regular rounds and also had a flyoff determined by a cut. We also saw the appearance of two Predators (only one flew in the competition). The final standings were as follows:

Dennis Phelan First place - 8 points - Won flyoff with a cut
Joe Lemanski Second place - 8 points
Kevin Sleicher Third place - 6 points

It took 2 cuts in three rounds to get into the flyoff! Also competing in open class were Jim Reith, Dave Beach, Dick Lempicki, Ed Ellis, Gerry Lempicki, and Brian Gawronski. On a more humorous note, after I finished my open Gremlin at 11:30pm the night before, I had to hum the theme song to George of the Jungle all the way home after whacking it into the trees across from the pits while bending the elevator stick in the second round. Fortunately is was a well used wing and other than breaking the leading edge in three places, it will fly again. A good time was had by all, the turnout was good, lots of spectators, and promises of attendance in Oxford next month.

North Eastern Scale Combat National Championship - June 9th

Who won? by Darin Bellis - Organizer

Well, the day was spectacular with 14 great pilots going for the top spot. The carnage of the first two rounds put several pilots out of the action. After the dust settled on the 6th round, Bob Wallace of Avon, CT came out with both the 1st place trophy and the Top Gun prize (both Pica Corsair kits!) with 1312 points garnered while making 8 cuts.
The next 9 places went:
2) Dave Chapdelaine (Trophy and a Pica Fw-190A kit)
3) Norman Landreth (Trophy, Warzone and Check 6 certificates)
4) Tony Alvarez (Plaque and Warzone certificate)
5) Dan Rich (Check 6 certificate)
6) Chris Shepherd (Plaque)
7) Robin Luce (Plaque)
8) Nestor Benitez (Plaque)
9) Ray Chiroux (Plaque)
10) Rick Acheson (Plaque)

The winner of the 2 rounds of the Open B demo event was Ed "Baron" Kaers beating out 4 other Open contestants (Chris Shepherd, Slick Phelan, Eddie Ellis and myself).

Special thanks go to the sponsors of the event:
Chuck's R/C
Pica Enterprizes
WarZone Models
Check 6 Plans
Their generosity is most appeciated! THANK YOU!

The R/C Propbusters volunteer judging staff and event workers did an outstanding job and were rewarded with an ARF .46 size Giles G-202 donated by Chuck's R/C as well as Pica discount coupons. These volunteers did an outstanding job today! THANK YOU!

View from the CD's tent by Jim Reith

Here's a quick "outsider's" view of how things seemed to go.

This style event is significantly different to how I normally run Gremlin events. It requires a lot more assistance in the form of judges. There's also a lot more carnage (yes, that's the word for saturday). We lucked out to have 14 pilots without a frequency conflict so I was able to mix up the rounds. I think I managed that part pretty well. After the first round, there was a lot less to juggle. We went from 14 pilots to 6 able to start in round 6. We had one or two safety line violations and no situations with crashes that put people in danger. I have about 25 minutes of digital video including a few cuts and one mid-air. I'm not sure I like the catapults. We had at least one incident of a streamer cut on a side by side launch and a few where the streamer stayed in the launch cup. I didn't feel the catapults had enough power to launch the planes. The rounds seemed to be well fought and from shooting the video, nobody was sandbagging. I probably could have done better with keeping things moving but we did manage 6 rounds in less time than I had allocated for 5. The PA system was a bonus and let me run the contest without challenging Darin for the Sunburn of the Day award. I only heard one case of someone questioning a judge's cut count and nobody approached me with any complaints. Having the circular list of judges getting called up to work alternating heats worked out well and randomized anyone getting any particular judge too often. I personally prefer the man on man format we use but I can see the crowd pleasing aspect of the furball format and everyone flew more heats that way. I've flown the "flight group" format in gliders and it's interesting and useful but then you're not trying to make contact, unless you're flipping them out of a good thermal they found first. I learned a lot during the contest, I think I could streamline my running of it better in the future and I hope I have the opportunity to try. I'm not sure scale is my thing, it was tough to see so many nice models go home in garbage bags and so few leave that had repairable damage (it was all or nothing). My thanks go out to Darin for all his help in being my main person physically on the flight line and all the help and setup prior to contest day. The AMA paperwork is all sent in. When do we do it again?

Rocky Hill Flying Circus - June 10th

We had perfect flying weather, temperature of 70 F and wind gusts of 5 miles straight across the field.

We started flying at 10.00 after a short pilot's meeting and we had a total of 10 pilots.We had 6 pilots that flew in the stock and 6 in open class. We flew 3 rounds of 3 minutes in each class.

There were 3 mid-airs, Ray and Dennis had the first mid-air in round 2. Ray had no damage at all but Dennis had to replace a wing.

The second mid air was spectacular, Ed Ellis and Gerry Lempichi flew straight in to each other, it looked like a piece of foam blew up in the sky.

The last mid-air was between Dennis and Kevin Schleicher, when they were battling for first place in the open class.

There were a total of 4 cuts in stock and 3 cuts in the open class.

These were the results of the contest:

STOCK CLASS First Gerry Lempicki
Second Dennis Phelan
Third Rene Rusche
OPEN CLASS First Kevin Schleicher
Second Dennis Phelan
Third David Beach

This was a fun contest and I believe every body had a good time !

Rene Rusche - CD

Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles - July 29th

The Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles R/C Club hosted the "Hot Hot Gremlin Combat" event on July 29th, 2001. Although the temperatures never got above the low 80's, the weather was perfect and the action was intense. Seven of the Flying Eagles members either dusted off old Gremlins, built or acquired new ones, or picked an 'expendable' model from their fleet. They were joined by four area guests to bring the total number of combat entries to four in stock class and ten in open. The action started with a bang as three yellow streamer cuts were scored in the first three rounds! Yellow became very unpopular after that and the scoring slowed somewhat. Three mid-airs (not counting a solid 'bump' that both planes flew away from), some equipment failures, three more cuts, and lots of near misses completed the action for the day. It was a bit of a shallow victory for the stock class entrants as it ended in a three way tie and no planes flyable for a run-off, while first place in open was taken with two cuts and three landing points in three rounds.

Final Standings:

Open: 1st Jim Burns
2nd Jim Reith
3rd David Beach
Stock (all tied for 1st): Scott Goelzer
Joe Marrone
Dorian Godin

Sturbridge Lawn Darts - Sunday September 16th

The Sturbridge MA Lawn Darts held their Fall Gremlin contest on Sunday September 16th at 10am. Seven pilots braved the 70 degree temperatures, calm winds and crystal blue skies to fly both stock and open classes. Each class had five entries with Mike LaPierre, Dave Beach, Rene Rusche, Ray Mierzejewski, and Paul Horanzy flying in stock and Mike LaPierre, Dave Beach, Eddie Ellis, Rene Rusche, and Kevin Gregory flying in open class. Stock saw four rounds flown with some streamer touches but no actual cuts which ended up with two flyoffs for first/second and third/fourth. In open class it was a very different story. We had 4 cuts including one midair where Rene took out Kevin's elevons with no damage to his own plane, taking Kevin out of the final round. Eddie and Rene each had two landing points and 2 cuts to set the stage a flyoff for 1st and 2nd place. The final standings were:

Stock Class Open Class
1st Mike LaPierre (by flyoff) Eddie Ellis (by flyoff)
2nd Rene Rusche Rene Rusche
3rd Dave Beach (by flyoff) Mike LaPierre

Central Mass R/C Modelers - Sunday September 30th

September 30, 2001.
I will remember this day. Probably the worst conditions I have experienced for a Gremlin meet. The lighting was such that I really could not distinguish which Grem I was flying. There were 10 entries in Open and 8 in stock classes.

Stock Class Open Class
1st Rene Rusche Eddie Ellis
2nd Ray Mierzejewski Dick Lempicki (by flyoff)
3rd Paul Horanzy Gerry Lempicki

Thanks to all who came. I hope to see you at Rocky Hill. I am sure weather conditions will be better


Note from Jim: The conditions were pretty brutal. The wind was 20mph with higher gusts blowing from the north (from the pits onto the field making launches crosswind at best) and the sky was a color of gray that made every color scheme go to black at any distance. People seemed to be flying 10 mistakes high and in some cases, it wasn't enough. Several people lost orientation and hit the woods and the Lempicki brothers went through so many planes that by the time they had to do their final flyoff, they were flying the same plane, the only one they had left flyable. With all the trips into the woods, everything was found and recovered so I guess it was an ok day overall. It was certainly a challenge fighting each other and the wind. I see this was Eddie's second first place in the last two contests... I guess we know who to shoot for next time 8^) Great job!

Rocky Hill Flying Circus - Oxford MA - Saturday October 13th

RHFC Gremlin contest report. 17 October 2001

We changed the contest date from 10/14/01 to 10/13/01.

There were a total of 10 pilots that signed in. The weather was not really cooperative. Temperature was 54 degrees, Humidity 98% and dew point 54 degrees. This meant we had heavy "FOG" !

We waited a while to start the contest, hoping the fog would disappear but this was wishful thinking.

We started flying at 10:30. Because of the high humidity we had problems with streamers getting wet and coming of in flight. We changed rules and shorted the streamers from 20 feet to 10 feet to reduce drag on the streamers. Flying with a shorter streamer helped a little bit but some problems remained. We took these problem in stride and we all made the best out of it!

We flew 3 rounds in Stock and Open class and each flight was 3 minutes.

There were 3 cuts in Stock class, Dave Beach, Darin Bellis and Ray Mierzejewski did the cutting. Dave and Darin had a fly off for first and second place

The final scores in Stock were:

FirstDave Beach6 points
SecondDarin Bellis5 points
ThirdRay Mierzejewski4 points

We had no cuts in Open class. We had a 3 way fly off for second and third place between Jim Reith, Kevin Gregory and Rene Rusche.

In the first minute of the fly off with the 3 Gremlins in the air, there was a mid air between Jim and Rene. Jim's Gremlin came straight down and hit the ground first. (editor's note: My Gremlin arched beautifully over in a wonderous arch, having lost an elevon, to meet it's final destiny. It was a warped wing on it's last flight ever since it's replacement was sitting safely at home) Rene flew for a couple of seconds till his engine quit and had to land dead stick.

The final scores in Open class were:

FirstEddie Ellis3 points
SecondKevin Gregory3 points (2+1)
ThirdRene Rusche2 points

Rene Rusche.

2nd Annual New Hampshire Toys for Tots Fly In - Merrimack NH - Sunday Oct. 14th

This event went very well in spite of dreary, drizzly conditions. The numbers of toys presented was impressive and RA Cores was pleased to sell 17 full kits at the event, thus donating $170 to the charity. I'll update this with more info as a report is placed on the club's website. Joe Marrone used his Gremlin to pay tribute during the event.

Saturday October 27th - Open Combat - Sacramento CA

To Everyone, Good Morning from California,

First let me thank all for their support of R/C Combat this past year. This makes it possible for myself as a Contest Director to put on events that generate wider interest and growth in my area, Northern California.

This was my first year planning and putting on Open R/C Combat events in the Sacramento area. Our first event, held in April, suffered a bit from weather, external distractions, and first time oversights. I ended up being overseas in Germany at the time, and unfortunately the Thank You's for those that had contributed were regrettably delayed. Please forgive us for that. Even though only 6 competitors made the event, it was well received, and our host club, the Sacramento Area Modeler, was pleased with our efforts.

Our 2nd Open event, held this past October, showed almost a 100% growth, as we had 11 pilots, including three that had traveled from the San Francisco Bay area to compete. We didn't get as much advertising out as we would have liked, but we are encouraged by the turn out. We also continue to get favorable comments from our host club.

Our plans for 2002 are to again host two 1-day events, most likely in the late-April/early-May time frame, as well as another, possibly either August or October. Learning from this year we will be advertising more aggressively, get more pre-event organization in place, and offering more amenities to the competitors, such as on-site lunch, etc. Perhaps in another year or so we might consider changing it to a two day event, but that will depend on several factors, not the least of which is the good will of our host club.

I would like at this time to ask again for your support, in whatever way you feel is appropriate. I fully understand that in the present economy things are tighter than before, and appreciate any hesitancy in contributions. I promise that any and all support will be prominently displayed at the event and in subsequent reports written about the events.

Again, I want to thank you for your support of R/C Combat, of our local event, and wish all of you success in your endeavors.

Dan Snow, AMA Contest Director #2074, RCCA Member #418

Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles - Sunday October 28th

The frost may have been on the pumpkin, but the turnout for the Flying Eagles Halloween Gremlin Combat Contest was exceptional! Eleven Flying Eagles members were joined by eight guests for an action packed day of one-on-one R/C combat. Seven of the pilots competed in Stock Gremlin class, while open class saw sixteen (count 'em 16!) entries. Everyone did a great job of being ready to fly and we managed to complete over thirty rounds of pulse pounding action by just after 2PM.

The clear blue sky made for good visibility and a lot of close calls, but the cuts were few. There were three cuts in stock class and two cuts in open. Two solid mid-air bumps resulted in only one 'forced emergency landing', and the only other carnage was a failed takeoff attempt. Combine all the in-air battles with the Flying Eagles volunteer concession stand and you're left with a truely enjoyable day of R/C combat.

PlaceStock ClassOpen Class
1stDavid BeachJoe Marrone
2ndMark VersprilleKen Hanson
3rdPaul HoranzyGerry Lempicki

4th Annual Comair Radio Control Club Gremlin Combat contest - Sunday October 28th

Keith Sessions is CD'ing the 4th Annual Comair Radio Control Club Gremlin Combat contest on October 28th. We have a blast every year. There is only ONE rule deviation from what was published in RCM - You get an extra 2 points for flying in a costume!!!

It is at the Comair R/C Club Field on Lizmark Rd in Burlington, KY. No website, but it starts w/ a pilots meeting at 9:30 AM on Sunday, October 28th. They can e-mail me for information and directions (or use the above address w/ Yahoo Maps). We are located just outside of Cincinnati, OH.

My address is:
Keith Sessions
2577 Westpoint Ct.
Burlington, KY  41005

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