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Contest Reports

Quinapoxet Model Flying Club Gremlin Match 3/23/02

The wonderful spring weather we had all been enjoying seemed to simply disappear the week before the first QMFC event of the year. Saturday the twenty-third dawned cold and blustery for the QMFC gremlin match. Nonetheless, about twenty brave souls came out in what felt like a return of winter, to try a little flying, combat style. Al Vasquez, the CD, started off the event with a pilot's meeting at 9:30AM that covered the rules for both classes. Coffee was also provided for the participants and this was a welcome treat, considering the weather.

The first heat of the Standard class started at just after 10:00AM with Al Vasquez and David Beach going head to head. This match seemed to set the standard for the day, with both pilots spending as much time battling the wind as each other. The match ended with Al receiving one point for landing closest to the mark.

The match-up between Bill Johnson and Mark Verspirlle saw one of the first fatalities of the day. Bill Johnson had an unintentional landing near the tree line. The first heat of the standard class continued on, with pilots continuing to fight the wind as much as each other. As the first heat came to a close, it was apparent that getting a streamer cut was going to be a nearly monumental task.

The first heat of the open class began with a second match-up between Al Vasquez and David Beach. There were many near misses, but the match once more ended with just a single point being awarded for the landing. Bob Perreault and Jim Reith flew the second match, but unfortunately Bob discovered he had no control after launching, and his plane ended its flight with a broken aileron.

It looked as though landing points would be the only way to determine a winner, but Kevin Gregory put an end to that thought with the first and only ribbon cut of the day. Well done.

With the end of the first heat of open class Al decided that the weather was just getting too difficult to fly in and maintain safety, and decided to end the contest early. Still, there was time for one more event. Everyone who wanted to, participated in a furball flight. After this, a lunch of steamed hotdogs was served up. A special thank-you goes to Rene Durepo, for preparing a great lunch.

Well, the weather didn't seem to want to cooperate with this spring's QMFC gremlin match, but everyone appeared to have a good time and it was a lot of fun to watch. There were a few first time pilots who made an appearance and hopefully they will return for more. For those of you who missed this one or would like to see another, stay tuned. Rumor has it, another is already in the works.

Pictures from the QMFC Gremlin Match 3/23/02

The following 16 pilots braved the elements for the first contest of the season:
David Beach, Darin Bellis, Eddie Ellis, Jim Reith, Rene Rusche, Alberto Vasquez, Mark Versprille, Dan Schmitz, Jason Fine, Kevin Gregory, Bob Perreault, Paul Horanzy, Bill Rebb, Russ Miller, Bill Johnson and Joe Zacame. See if you can recognize them in the group shot below.

Pilots before the match (Photo courtesy of Dan Schmitz)

Al Vasquez's planes ready to go (Photo courtesy of Bill Rebh)

Jason came prepared. If you do any cold weather flying you might want to get one of these.

Dave Beach getting set to go (Photo courtesy of Bill Rebh)

No cut yet! (Photo courtesy of Bill Rebh)

Mark V's different open class ships

Five in the air during the fur ball event

It was a great match thanks to everyone who helped out and was able to come and fly. Maybe the weather will cooperate for the next one.

Sturbridge Lawn Darts Spring Tax Stress Relief - Sunday April 14th Contest Report

The weather reports claimed it would start out rainy for the contest but I was pleasantly surprised when I got up at 4am to check things out. The weather radar showed the few showers rapidly moving off to the east so I sent out an "All Clear" email and headed to the field for 8:30. Early bird Mark Versprille greeted me at the gate and headed out for coffee. Shortly after he left, Ray showed up and we started to see the sun. After setting up the canopy and chairs, many more arrived until we finally had 12 pilots. Starting a little late, we had 9 stock contestants and 8 open class contestants. Stock seems to have a growing group of people flying the Norvel .25s and the Lempicki brothers showed that they're competitive in the open class by flying their stock ships there. Stock class ended with Rene Rusche and Mark Versprille at the top with each having a cut and two landing points and Mark winning the fly off with a landing. Dave Beach finished third by grabbing all three of his landing opportunities. Other stock class pilots flying three rounds were Ray Mierzejewski, Paul Horanzy, Dave Walter, Dick Lempicki, Gerry Lempicki and Russ Miller. I think someone should order Russ Miller a Norvel since his Fox .25 isn't making his whistles blow in normal flight!

Open class drew 8 competitors and Kevin Gregory dominated the class with three cuts in three rounds and two landing points for a total of 11 out of 12 possible points. Nobody else in the class got a cut despite Kevin showing them how round after round. Second and third place were determined by a flyoff of the three pilots each with two landing points (yes, furball format) with Eddie Ellis taking second and Mark Versprille coming in third. Paul Horanzy, Dave Beach, Dick Lempicki, Gerry Lempicki and Al Vasquez rounded out open class.

All in all it was a good contest with no damaging midairs (a couple of love taps) and several streamer/wing non-cuts which got people talking about stickum on the wings in the future (we have no rule against it and it's been used before, Kay Fisher believed in STP) and I believe it will be seen a lot in Merrimack on May 4th. Please read the May 4th rules (URL in contest announcement) as this is a different format contest with no stock/open plane restrictions and "furball" format. Here's the final standings for both classes:

PlaceStock ClassOpen Class
1stMark VersprilleKevin Gregory
2ndRene RuscheEddie Ellis
3rdDave BeachMark Versprille

MAYhem over Merrimack Report - Saturday, May 4th.

For combat the weather couldn't have been much better, upper 60's and 15 - 20 mph from the back left. The group of 12 pilots who gathered for Merrimack's first and probably last, furball style combat contest was great. The flying site and CD did leave a little to be desired. Let's get the CD problem out of the way first, and let this be a warning to other first time Combat CD's. I had too much paper work and I slowed down the contest. The field contributed to many more problems and delays. Because we followed the AMA set back rules to the letter, we were launching too close to the tree line. Mike Roberts first combat launch didn't make the climb out. It was his only plane and his contest ended real fast.

The first round saw two mid-airs. One, a coro vs. balsa miss-match that ended the 7 year career of Jim Burn's oft-repaired trainer. Every round saw mid-airs, and the attrition mounted. The plane retrieval out of the thick woods around the flying site slowed the event progress to a crawl. There was no combat allowed over the field because of the AMA set backs. All combat took place over the tree line. There were several half hour to 45 min. delays between heats while we combed the woods for downed planes. You can't have combat over folks heads and you can't leave planes and equipment scattered on the ground. One plane was lost to the deep and swift Merrimack River. I don't think Mad Scientist will ever grace this field again. And I can't blame him. At the start of the 4th round we were down to six pilots and I was starting to feel like a WWII squadron commander sending my guys into the meat grinder.

Nine planes trashed, half the pilots lost, and I brought them to this hell. Some guys drove home to an empty hanger. I have survivors guilt. Still, and all everyone (almost) said they had a great time. The combat was intense. The furballs were tight and no one held back. These boys are goers and they got the COMBAT JUICE.

Pilot Plane Scoring
Mark 'Modebbly' Versprille Avenger 4 kills, 4 cuts, 1 landing point total 17 (missed one round)
Darin 'Demon' Bellis SPAD 3 kills, 1 cut total 10 (missed one round)
Eddie 'Mad Scientist' Ellis Gremlin 2 kills total 6 (missed three rounds)
Terry Smith SPAD 1 kill, 2 cuts total 5
Jim Thompson Predator 3 cuts, 1 landing point total 4
Matt Sheppard Gremlin 1 kill total 3 (missed five rounds)
Jim Burns 40 Trainer & Gremlin 1 kill total 3 (missed 4 rounds)
Larry 'Coro Kid' Forkum SPAD 2 cuts total 2
Jim Austin Gremlin 1 cut total 1
Jim 'Coreman' Reith Gremlin 0 0 0 (missed three rounds)
Dave Beach SPAD 0 0 0 (missed three rounds)
Mike Roberts Gremlin 0 0 0 (missed five rounds)

Jerry and Ron, thanks for the timing and line judging. And DEMON wants a special thanks to go to Jerry and his chain saw. If I made any mistakes in this report, or if I missed any good stuff, feel free to correct me. I was a chicken with my head cut off for half the day. First time Combat CDs are like butter bars.

Editor's note: The midair between Eddie and Darin was about mid-wing on both planes and Eddie's Gremlin went into a flat spin, apparently over the river as it was never found. Darin's coro plane limped back to the field, done for the day with the outer half of one wing panel only held on by the wing spar... the OAK wing spar!

CMRCM Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday May 19th

The Gremlin contest was more of a "fun-fly". We had 5 pilots and we all decided to fly open class. Editor's note: This was the same weekend as the Brimfield float fly which I believe stole from attendance

I dumped my Gremlin on my first flight and Ray totalled his by trying to fly through a tree.

Dave , Eddie and Mark showed us and 15 onlookers how the "fur-ball" format was flown.

Eddie was first with one cut and 2 landing points.
Mark, was second with one cut and one landing point.

First prize was a can of a high energy drink called WHOOP ASS

RCCA regional combat Nationals on June 8th in Salem CT

PERFECT weather greeted the pilots and volunteers as they began arriving at the R/C Propbuster's field in Salem, CT. A total of 25 pilots trickled in as the morning wore on and prepared for the day's battles. They came from states as far away as Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York with nearly every state in New England represented as well.

2610 Scale was the favorite class with 18 pilots, while Open C garnered 15 pilots. 8 brave souls entered both classes including Jerry "Jester" Leach who managed to fly the entire 10 rounds on 1 (yes ONE) JK Aerotech F4U Corsair.

The level of skill and preparedness was exemplary with very few pilots being knocked out of the action. The carnage was NOTHING like that experienced at last year's NE Nats. All of the planes and equipment were found - except for one: Mark "Modebbly" Versprille's 'Bad Dog' is still on the MIA list after he AND his judge lost track of it during combat. If its not recovered by the time the ground freezes, I'll take a trip through the swamp area where it is believed to have gone in (1/4 mile + from the field).

Throughout the day, the prizes were raffled off to the pilots. The prizes included: JKAerotech P-51D, JK Aerotech Zero, Norvel .25, Thunder Tiger GP.42, 2 gallons of Cool Power fuel, 2 ARF SPAD Slayers, CA and engine mounts.

When the dust settled on the last heat of the day, Steve "Slam" Lamson of Florida proved to be the big winner in both Open C and 2610 Scale. Congratulations Slam!

Here are the standings in each class with the pilot's score for that class:

2610 Scale Pilots
1 Steve "Slam" Lamson 1360
2 Bob Wallace 1172
3 Norman Landreth 844
4 Darin "Demon" Bellis 820
5 Tony Alvarez 720
6 Chris "Gator" Shepherd 648
7 Gary Egly 620
8 Ray Chiroux 540
9 Rick Acheson 540
10 Chuck Allessio 508
11 Jerry "Jester" Leach 500
12 Robin Luce 420
13 Dave Chapdelaine 360
14 Ron Vernier 120
15 Dave McElligott 100
16 Ed "Baron" Kaers 20
17 Rich Melnik
18 Bob Saunders
Open C Pilots
1 Steve "Slam" Lamson 1256
2 Mark "Modebbly" Versprille 1017
3 Kirk "Montauge" Adams 1048
4 Chris "Gator" Shepherd 1044
5 Terry Smith 804
6 Tony Alvarez 782
7 Kevin Gregory 768
8 Darin "Demon" Bellis 730
9 Larry "Coro Kid" Forkum 720
10 Eddie "Mad Scientist" Ellis 680
11 Rich McGuinness 436
12 Norman Landreth 340
13 Ed "Baron" Kaers 316
14 Jerry "Jester" Leach 296
15 Rich Melnik

Jim Reith did an excellent job of CDing the event! And, Rich Ippolitto did an outstanding job of Line Marshalling! Thank you both VERY MUCH! A special THANK YOU to all of the R/C Propbusters members that came out and volunteered to help judge, cook and lend a hand - MUCH APPRECIATED BY EVERYONE!

Looking forward to next year's NE Nats already!

For the record: 25 pilots total with 8 registered for both classes.

Darin Bellis
RCCA 426, CT Area Rep.

View from the CD tent

Darin covered the standings very well so I'll comment on other things. I will agree with Darin that we had a GREAT time, great weather and an excellent turnout. The carnage was significantly less than last year and Mark's plane was the only one lost off field. Pilots cooperated with getting wreckage cleared so the next round could get started and once we got through the initial round, things flowed well. We had a total of 7 frequency conflicts including one that had three people on it (channel 23 for those interested) but Larry "Coro" Forkum volunteered one of his planes for one of the ch23 pilots to use instead and we were able to fly two heats per round in both classes, which helped move it along. This also gave a very target rich environment for people to fly in and many took advantage of it. It was great to see the large number of people head off to help Mark try to find his plane after the awards ceremony. Sorry to hear they weren't successful. I'd like to thank Darin for all his preparation ahead of time and the club for the use of the PA system. Even with the PA I was hoarse by the end of the day. The crowd favorite was definately the Dot by (I believe) Rick McGuinness that the crowd called the flying saucer. It could barely drag it's streamer around but talking after the contest, he had a great time and will be back with a more competitive plane next year. The name pulling for the prizes and doing it between the rounds throughout the contest kept everybody interested and seemed to go over well. The engine pull for the judges was a great touch as well. They worked hard and having non-contestant judges let the pilots prep for the next round and kept delays from slowing us down. The plaques and trophies through 5th place were a nice touch for bragging rights. Great contest, see you all next year!

Jim - CD

RHFC - Oxford MA - Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday June 23rd

The Rocky Hill Flying Circus held a Gremlin contest on June 23rd at their Oxford field. The weather was hot and humid with threatening showers but we had 6 contestants show up and due to the conditions and everyone present initially, decided to just run stock combat. 4 rounds of three minutes each were flown with only one midair all day, winner Jim Reith had a wing panel snapped by Mark Versprille in the final round. Jim's two previous round cuts and three landing points were enough to overcome the midair round. Final standings were:

PlaceStock ClassScoringPoints
1stJim Reith2 cuts (6), 3 landings (3)9 points
2ndPaul Horanzy1 cut (3), 3 landings (3)6 points
3rdDick Lempicki1 cut(3). 1 landing (1)4 points
4th (tie)Rene Ruscheno cuts (0), 2 landings (2)2 points
4th (tie)Ray Mierzejewskino cuts (0), 2 landings (2)2 points
6thMark Versprille1 "last fuselage down"1 point

Hot, Hot, Hot Gremlin Combat on Saturday, July 27th

*** Note date change to Saturday ***

Hot, Hot, Hot Gremlin Combat at Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles Field, Gates open at 9AM, test flights at 10AM, competition rounds begin about 10:30. David Beach ( ) will be the CD. For the latest info visit the club web site at

HCRC 1/12th Scale and Gremlin Combat Meet - Hadley MA - Saturday August 10th

Because of a conflict of dates the Hadley Combat meet is being changed from Aug-3-02 to Aug-10-02 I have Verbal confirmation from AMA and still waiting for written conformation. WWII 1/12th Scale combat (704) and Gremlin combat will be flown. This is an AMA sanctioned event. Please bring your AMA card. Preregistration phone calls are requested. If you have any questions feel free to call me (David Fogg - CD) or my dad at (413) 593-5454.

Club website:

CMRCM Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday August 25th

The Central Mass R/C Modelers will hold a Gremlin contest on Sunday August 25th at the club field. Check the field directions since the entrance changed last year. The gate will open at 9am, test flights will begin at 10am and the contest will start at 10:30. Normal Gremlin rules will be used and Stock and Open classes will be flown. Ray Mierzejewski will be the CD, (508) 757-5883

RHFC - Oxford MA - Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday September 15th

The Rocky Hill Flying Circus of Oxford MA will hold a Gremlin contest on Sunday September 15th at the club field. The gate will open at 9am and the contest will start at 10am. Normal Gremlin rules will be used and Stock and Open classes will be flown. Rene Rusche will be the CD

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Fall Foliage contest on saturday October 5th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts will be holding their Fall Foliage contest on saturday October 5th at 10am. Stock and open classes will be held with a $5 entry per class. Entry fees will be divided up as cash prizes.

Jim Reith ( will be the CD

3rd Annual Southern NH Flying Eagles Toys for Tots Fly In on Sunday October 6th

Southern NH Flying Eagles will be hosting their 3rd annual on Sunday October 6th. More details when things get settled down or check the club website linked above. Mark Versprille will be the CD.

Halloween Gremlin Combat on Sunday, October 27th

David Beach ( ) will be the CD. More details to follow, but for the latest info visit the club web site at

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