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Contest Announcements and Reports

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Spring Gremlin Contest Report

The weather gods smiled on us with a gorgeous day with little wind. The wind that was blowing was just enough to keep the dump smell away from us. We had 17 contestants register ending up with 14 pilots in each class. There were a lot of new faces and a bunch of spectators. I decided to go with 4 minute rounds but due to the number of entrants we ended up reducing it to 3 minutes for the third round. The first round saw 3 mid-airs almost right away. Most took both planes out of the air. Fortunately people brought multiple planes so they were able to fly backups in later rounds. Bob Perreault, Jim Mitchell and Dick Lempicki each did major repairs to get planes back flying between rounds. We ended up with 8 cuts (or mid-airs) in Open class and 7 cuts (or mid-airs) in Stock class.

In stock we had a three way tie with 5 points between Dick Lempicki, Mike LaPierre, and Jim Mitchell after three rounds so, since there were no frequency conflicts, we had a three way fly-off. During the fly off there were cuts by Dick and Jim and so first place was determined by a landing contest between them, which Dick won. Also with cuts in stock were Craig Dunn with 4 points, David Beach with 4 points, Bob Perreault with 4 points and Al Vasquez with 3 points (time to work on those landings Al)

In Open class, first place went to Jim Mitchell with 2 cuts and two landings (8 points) followed by Bob Barger Jr with two cuts and one landing (7 points) and third went to David Beach with a cut and all three of his landing points (6 points). Jim Mitchell's extra landing point was actually against Bob Jr and Bob Jr's third round cut was against David Beach so it was a hard fought battle for top spots. Also with cuts in Open were Mike LaPierre with 5 points, Eddie Ellis with 5 points and Dick Lempicki with 4 points

Thanks to Bob Barger Sr. and Ken Roberts for the great pictures.
Canopies set up in the pits
Gentlemen, start your engines
Getting ready on deck
Bob Barger flying against Tom Loose
Bob Perreault and Ken Roberts in the first round of open
Al Vasquez and Bob Perreault in the second round of stock
This report is now on final approach.

RHFC - Oxford MA - Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday May 15th

The Rocky Hill Flying Club had their first Gremlin contest on May 15. A total of ten pilots signed up, eight pilots flew in stock and nine pilots flew in open class.

The weather wouldn't cooperate in the morning but after a brief rain shower it cleared up and we ended up with a pretty good flying day.

We flew three rounds in both stock and open class and each round lasted three minutes.

We had four cuts in stock and six cuts in open class.

The final standing in stock class were:
First Bob Barger Sr. ( by fly-off) 6 points
Second Al Vasquez 5 points
Third Bob Barger Jr. ( by fly-off against Kyle Hunton) 4 points

Final standings in open class were:
First Eddie Ellis 10 points
Second Bob Barger Jr. 7 points
Third Bob Perreault 5 points

QMFC Gremlin Combat - Saturday June 4th

Hello to all gremlin Flyers, This is the long awaited June 2005 QMFC combat report. I'm sorry but this is going to be from memory, (we'll see how much damage the 60's did)
If I remember right it was a beautiful day in June, I has there early along with others that helped set up. I had bought a box of Joe from dunken donuts and the early flyers got free coffee and it tasted good.  The first round was stuck and Kevin G vs Bob P and Kevin got a point. But it was a hard fought point.  Next Jim R vs Bob B jr and Jim got a point. (Bobby must have been sleeping) Next Bob B sr vs AL V there was no contest there, I hide till it was over, Bob got the point. Then it was open Eddie E vs Bob B jr, Eddie got the point. Then Bob sr vs Kevin, Bob got the point. Next came Jim R vs Bob P another real good match but no cut and Jim got the point. Heat 2 stock Al V vs Kevin, there was no hiding from Kevin and Kevin got the cut and the landing point for four. Followed by Bob B jr vs Bob P and Bobby took four with a cut and a landing. Next was Bob B sr vs Jim R, Jim took the point. In heat 2 open Bob P vs Eddie E Bob took the point. Then Jim R vs Bob B jr, Bobby got the cut a Jim got the landing. Next Kevin vs Bob B sr, Kevin took the landing. Heat 3 open Eddie vs Jim R Eddie pulled an out side Loop and cut Jim a good one but Jim came back with the landing point, then Bob B jr Vs Kevin, Bobby got a cut and Kevin got the landing. Last in open was Bob P vs Bob B sr, Bob sr got a cut and the landing. Heat 3 in stock Al V vs Kevin and again Kevin got an easy cut and landing point (guess I didn't have my A game that day) Then came Bob B jr vs Bob P and Bobby took a cut and a landing. Last but not least Bob B sr vs Jim R and Bob took the point. When all as said and done, in Stock what I got is Jim R had 6 for first and Bob jr and Kevin tied with 5 and after the fly off Bobby took 2nd, Open I got Bob B jr with 6 his Dad with 5 and Eddie E with 4, so that's about it we all had a good time and no fist fights. I'm sorry I have no pictures I lost my system disk and the pictures where lost with it.
Al V

Bob Barger Sr. had a few pictures from the contest. Setting up in the pits, Measure from the spinner, Spectators, Even some wives came

SNHRCC Hudson NH - Sunday July 31st

It sounded great. The weather report on Saturday evening called for cloudy skies and light winds. By early Sunday morning the forecast was "scattered stray showers". By 10AM a light rain had come and gone (maybe a couple of times).

We registered 10 pilots, with 9 stock entries and 7 in open class. Despite problems with damp ground and streamers that tore on their own, we started the event. Jim and Dick were up first. I said "engage", blinked, and Dick's streamer was gone! The second heat ended with no cuts and Tom took the landing point. I was up next against Kyle, and followed Jim's lead with a cut and the landing point. Bob Sr. lost his streamer to a phantom, which must have confused Al since he apparently decided to watch the streamer instead of his plane as it headed off into the woods. Jim got his second heat as the 'odd man' in the first round against Bob Jr. Wham, bam, another cut and landing point combo. (Yes, he was hot.)

We got one round of open in with a few 'drizzle' delays, and not nearly as much action. I got the only cut in open against Bob Sr.

After another extended rain delay, we tried to start up again but it was no use. The rain came in earnest and we decided to call it quits. Entrance fees were refunded, and we'll try again in three weeks. (Peter and Al, put a Dave Beach owes me $5 in your wallet - I'll cover your registration next time).


Bob Barger Sr. sent in some more pictures for this contest too. The competitors, Al Vasquez came prepared, Call to the pilots meeting, Tom finding the right model

CMRCM Westboro MA - Sunday August 21st

Gremlin Combat
August 21 (Sunday) Central Mass Radio Control Modelers field (CMRCM),

Learning is good. Today's lessons: No 1, do not second guess the weather. No 2, communicate the contest within the host club, so as not to surprise the members when they discover a full blown contest underway.

Neither bad weather forecast, drizzly mist, nor extreme humidity will deter real combat(ers)! What we learned last month in Southern New Hampshire was quickly applied so that the streamers would not dissolve in the air. And we Engaged. Two minute combat times worked well, you do not get tired to no avail in the last minute of 3 min combat.

It was a Good day, 18 combat flights with just two midair’s, but no planes lost. However, young Bob’s secret plane’s Econocote did a strip tease to reveal all. ’R’ Rated!

A fly-off was required in Open class between Young Bob Barger and CD, Tom Loose. What a fight. When the planes had drifted west, Tom climbed and Bob flew east to get more maneuvering room. Bobby knew that a normal person would not dive into trees, so he hugged the top of the trees while flying level and very fast to get repositioned. However, the CD is not quite normal and poured the nitro to that little blue OS.25.LA and dived straight down for the trees and got poor Young Bob’s streamer square-on while in-fact dodging the trees.

The Barger Combat Team got First and Second in Standard Class (Bob Sr.-1st, Jr.-2nd), and Jim Reith came in third with his backup plane. Tom Loose took open class, Bob Barger Jr.-2nd with Jim Reith third.

We thought that with Father and Son matched against each other in each class that some of the rest of us might have a chance, since these guys are so good. Please notice how much effect this had on who won what. Oh-well!

We did have fun!


Jim Reith took some pictures of the pits pic 1 pic 2 pic 3

George Dainis took some pictures of some of the victory laps pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Fall Gremlin contest on Sunday September 18th

The day began clear and sunny with a cool breeze. Art and I sat and watched the various birds circling and wondered where everyone was. At about 9:15 cars started to arrive and people unpacked. We ended up having 10 contestants in spite of several regulars being unable to make it. There were 9 in stock class and 6 in open. It was nice to see the return of several local club members from the Spring contest. As we started in Stock class, Dick Lempicki showed everyone how it was done by scoring a cut and landing points in the first round. In Open class Kyle Hunton did the same also gathering 4 points. The second rounds in both Stock and Open were quiet with only landing points being gotten. To open up the third round of Stock class, Art LaPierre scored a cut and landing to open the round as did Ray Mierzejewski. Rene Rusche and Dick Lempicki went head to head and it looked like an uninteresting heat with Rene going deadstick but all eyes were on him as he landed safely... unfortunately that included Dick's eyes as he slammed into the runway just beyond Rene 2 seconds later! We closed out Stock with Art flying as designated target and showing his 4 points at the beginning of the round was no fluke. The third and final round of Open class saw Jim Mitchell and Bob Perreault both collecting 4 point rounds and setting up a flyoff for first place with 6 points (they each had a cut and made EVERY landing point). In stock class we also had a flyoff for first place between Art and Dick who each had 5 points and Art continued on his tear with a decisive cut. Then came the first place flyoff in Open class with Jim Mitchell taking on Bob Perreault. Bob launched first and climbed to altitude with Jim up shortly after him and as engage was called, Bob went into a vertical dive on Jim and just before the two met, one of Bob's wing panels came off and he went into the tall weeds. Gee Bob, I guess your .53 really doesn't need the vertical dive to gather speed!

The final standing in stock class were:
First Art LaPierre (by fly-off) 5 points
Second Dick Lempicki 5 points
Third Ray Mierzejewski 4 points

Final standings in open class were:
First Jim Mitchell (by fly-off) 6 points
Second Bob Perreault 6 points
Third Kyle Hunton 5 points

Al Vasquez, Bob Perreault, Kyle Hunton, Dick Lempicki, George Willis, Art LaPierre, Tom (40% Nitro) Loose, Ray Mierzejewski, Jim Mitchell, and Rene Rusche
The flight line getting ready for the first round.
The view of the pits as we started.
Bob's plane as they found it.
Bob's reaction as they walked back.

*CANCELLED* RHFC - Oxford MA - Stock and Open Gremlin combat - Sunday October 16th *CANCELLED*


I was planning to send you an E-mail to let you know that I was canceling the Gremlin contest for Sunday.
The road to the field was already bad before the heavy rains and right now the field is under water and weather for Sunday is partly sunny with wind gusts up to 50 Miles
See you maybe in New Hampshire!


Rene Rusche ( is the CD

SNHRCC Hudson NH Halloween Gremlin Combat meet - Sunday October 30th

The Southern New Hampshire R/C Club will hold it's Halloween Gremlin combat event on October 30th at Wagner Field in Hudson NH. The gate will either be unlocked, or have a member or walkie-talkie to allow folks to get in. The contest will start at 10am. Normal Gremlin rules will be used and Stock and Open classes will be flown.

David Beach ( will be the CD

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