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Contest Announcements and Reports

Gremlin death match at the QMFC 4/8/06

Well , the weather men said it may be dry today or not. I waited and looked outside. It was cool and overcast but dry. So the QMFC Gremlin Death match was still on. I arrived at 9:00am and the lock had not been changed, oh oh, I hope he didn't forget. But a few minutes later our club president arrived and he did change the combo to 0000. It was a bitter cold overcast morning, a good day for combat. Robert Arsenault arrived with the transmitter impound and we where ready to rumble. By 9:20 am, a list of who's who in combat arrived to do there best. Eddie Ellis, Bob and Bobby Jr. Barger(of the fame Team Barger), Devan Wiebe, Bob Perreault, myself Al Vasquez and a new first time combater Scott Anderson. We held open and stock heats, I went for two minute heats. Thinking it would pick up the pace, NOT! Since this was the first meet of the season nothing went well, we did start with stock class, Bonnie Jean Webie, helped me out greatly by setting up the matches and freed me up for combat. The first round of stock was Bobby B and myself, no cuts and Bobby got the point. Second came Bob P and Bob B Sr. no cut and Bob P got the point. Next was Scott A against a very experienced flyer, Eddie E, Eddie took 4 points in 30 seconds. The second round of stock was something, Bob B Jr. and Bob P went up Mr P flamed out, Bobby took the point. Next came Scott A and myself, visions of a cut and landing point danced in my head, 15 seconds into the match that vision was smashed with a loud crack of a midair, Looks like my plane tried to fly through Scotts right wing panel. Scott made it back to the Field so he got four points, I in the other hand was in the swamp about where Bob P's plane could be seen high in a tree after his flame out. I went in after both but we had to cut the tree down to get Bob's back. Last was Bob B Sr. and Eddie E, Bob took the point. The last stock class was a little thin first was Bob B Jr. and Eddie on take off Eddie lost a control horn and bellied up into the dirt, Bob got the point, I went up against Bob B Sr. that was a good match but no cuts Bob took the point, The open class matches where good but I would give ya play by play I'm getting tired of typing, I will Say that in heat 1 I had a cut against Devan W and the landing point, Scott A cut Bob B Sr. wow that was a feat for a first timer to take out a pro like that, Scott didn't know what happened but he took three out of the four points, In heat 2 no cuts, in heat 3 Bob B Sr. cut Eddie E for four points, So at the end of the matches in stock Scott and Eddie tied for first and team Barger tied for 2nd. In Open Bob Barger Sr total 6 point took 1st and Scott and myself tied with 4 point each. My son Isaac helped out by steaming deli hot dogs that we all ate at lunch and had county time lemonade. I thank all who showed and those who helped make this a fun day. Al Vasquez

Sturbridge MAKE UP contest sunday May 7th Sturbridge

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts will hold The rain make up for their Spring Gremlin contest on sunday May 7th at 10am. Stock and open classes will be held with a $5 per class entry fee to be divided as prizes for the top 3 places per class.

NOTE: This contest was originally scheduled for 4/16 but was rescheduled due to that being Easter. This contest was then rained out on April 23rd and rescheduled for May 7th. Thanks go to the Sturbridge club for all the scheduling flexibility.

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest sunday July 30th

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club will hold a Gremlin contest on July 30th at 10am. Stock and open classes will be held with a $5 per class entry fee to be divided as prizes for the top 3 places per class. Team Barger will CD

Sturbridge contest sunday September 17th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts will hold their Fall Gremlin contest on September 17th at 10am. Stock and open classes will be held with a $5 per class entry fee to be divided as prizes for the top 3 places per class.

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest Sunday October 29th - **CANCELLED**

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 09:40:32 -0400
Sorry guys, but in light of the forecast I'm cancelling tomorrow's contest.

Although the chance of rain for tomorrow is down to 20% the forecast is calling for west winds 20-30 MPH with gusts over 50 MPH. Besides not being much fun, flying in those conditions would not be safe.

Hopefully we will get better weather next season.


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