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Sturbridge contest sunday April 20th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Spring Gremlin contest on April 20th. Stock and open classes were held with 12 pilots registering. 10 flew in stock and all 12 in open class. The weather was perfect for the contest and we had a good number of spectators also. We flew 3 rounds of each class.

Stock class saw some great match ups but only 2 cuts in all the heats. We had a fly off for 2nd/3rd place money and as luck would have it, the only stock mid-air was in the flyoff with Tom Loose being the last fuselage to the ground.

The final STOCK standings were:
First Bob Barger Jr. 5 points
Second Tom Loose 3 points (by flyoff AND *mid-air*)
Third Mark Hunton 3 points

The first flight in Open class was between long term clubmates Al Vasquez and Bob Barger Sr and it wasn't long before Bob took out Al, ejecting his engine in the process (which was found afterwards in a group sweep of the off field area). Open class seemed to get each other in their sights a bit better with 9 cuts in 18 total heats. With this level of contact it was no surprise to see you needed 2 cuts to place in first/second and 1 cut and two landings to get into the flyoff for third. Jim Mitchell and Bob Perreault flew off for third with Bob getting it by a landing point.

The final OPEN standings were:
First Dick Lempicki 9 points (two cuts and all three landings)
Second Bob Barger Jr. 8 points (missed a landing point)
Third Bob Perreault 5 points (fly off with Jim Mitchell)

A great turnout, a great group of pilots and a great time was had by all. Hope to see everyone back in the fall! - Jim

Here are a few pictures of the pits, the flightline and the peanut gallery from the day.

*CANCELLED* Rocky Hill Flying Circus contest sunday May 4th *CANCELLED*

Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 12:52:51 -0400
From: "Rene Rusche"
Subject: Re: Gremlin contest in Oxford next weekend


I'm canceling the Gremlin contest for Sunday.
The weatherman expect 100% rain for tomorrow.

Please, can you post the cancellation on your website ?


The Quinapoxet Model Flying Club contest sunday June 8th

The Quinapoxet Model Flying Club held a Gremlin contest on June 8th at 10am at their Holden MA field. Stock and open classes were run in a winner take all format. There were 5 contestants and incredible heat. Team Barger came out on top I believe.

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest sunday July 20th

Well unfortunately there were only 5 pilots again! TO BAD for those who didn't show up because it was a wild day. I don't know if it was the overcast sky, no wind or 5 pilots that aren't afraid to combat because we had nine cuts and 3 midairs that took at least one plane from each of us except for Jim R. who lost 2. In the 2nd round of open I took myself out when I somehow flew right into the end of Jim's wing tip Jim managed to keep the engine running and only lost an aileron giving him the 3 points for the take down. Bob jr. ended the day with 4 of the nine cuts, me with 3 and Tom Loose with the other 2. Tom and Bob jr. tied for 1st in open with 7 points but Tom was a little worn out from searching for mid air parts and gave it to him.

The results in open were in order - Bob Jr., Tom Loose, Bob Sr., Jim Reith, Dave Beach.

In Stock in order it was - Bob Sr. (8), Bob Jr.(7), Dave Beach (5), Tom Loose(3), Jim Reith(0).

One thing that has surfaced recently is people are being more and more creative with the colored packing tape covering as seen by these two interesting examples.

Sturbridge contest sunday September 21st

The Sturbridge contest was held under blue skies and no wind. Three contestants arrived and about 10 spectators. I guess it was just bad timing since several people had emailed they had conflicts. Hope to see more in the spring or at the final two contests of the year (Hudson NH and Oxford MA)

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest Sunday October 26th

The weather was unseasonably mild, and the forecast called for clearing skies and even warmer temps. Perhaps it was the overnight rain and damp ground that kept the pilots away, but whatever the reason the second combat event at Wagner field in 2008 got underway with only three competitors. We put the money aside, tied on streamers and flew for bragging rights. After the first six heats the scoring stood with Jim in the lead with 7 points, myself with 6, and Tom managing only a single landing point.

Since Jim seemed unstoppable, we decided to call that the first contest. We started a second contest with everyone getting a clean slate. But Jim was still unstoppable and picked up another two cuts and two landing points in four heats. It's not often that a pilot picks up a cut every other time he flies, I'm hoping the next one to do that will be me...

David Beach - CD

Rocky Hill Flying Circus contest sunday November 2nd

RHFC held a Gremlin combat contest on Sunday November 2nd 2008. Five pilots were present and all flew in both,stock and open class.

The wind was five to seven miles per hour, 56F and overcast.

Each class flew four heats of three minutes each.

In stock class there were a total of six cuts. Bob Barger Jr. had 3 cuts, Jim Reith 2 cuts and Bob Barger Sr. with one cut. In open class Bob Barger Sr. and Bob Barger Jr. each had one cut. There were two midairs in open class. The first was in the second minute when "TEAM BARGER" flew the third heat and second midair was in the fourth heat when Dave Beach flew against Bob Barger Jr.

First Bob Barger Jr. 11 points
Second Jim Reith 9 points
Third Bob Barger Sr. 5 points
Fourth Dave Beach 2 points
Fifth Al Vasquez 0 points
First Bob Barger Sr. 10 points
Second Dave Beach 5 points
Third Bob Barger Jr. 4 points
Fourth Jim Reith 2 points
Fifth Al Vasquez 0 points

Rene Rusche, CD.

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