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Contest Announcements and Reports

Sturbridge contest Sunday April 26th

The spring Sturbridge Lawn Darts Gremlin Contest was not held due to scheduling conflicts.

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest Sunday June 28th

With the threat of rain and cloudy skies we had a good turnout with a mix of new guys and old regulars. With 10 pilots in open and 6 in stock we got it going. 1st round of stock had Bob Jr. against Jim R. because we wanted the pilots from The Flying Tigers to see how it's done. Well Jim went dead stick and hit the field hard breaking his fuselage and sending his engine flying. See how it's done guys!! Jim was very generous in stock class giving 1 pt. to Bob Jr. and 4 pts. each to Rob Dionne and me.

In open class new comer Steve Brian came with his electric powered Gremlin. It had an E-flite 32 brushless with a 60-amp speed controller and a 4 cell 4450mah lipo. It was fast and tough because in round 1 he took down Dave Johnson with a mid air touch and kept going. Dave went full bore into the ground, OUCH! Dave was using the new Thunder Tiger .28 bushing engines and it looked good.

Glen Bolser managed to keep away from young gun Tyler McCormack and steal a landing point from him. Tom Loose decided the best way to get a cut from me was to tap my wing and run of with my streamer! We both kept going and I took the landing from him by 6 inches. I didn't want to give him 4 points!

In the end we had a fly off for 1st place in open between Jim and Tom with Jim taking it all, after a wild 3 minutes of combat he took the landing.

With the moist air we were lucky to get only one wet streamer incident (sorry Glen)

It was fun with the new pilots and it would be great to see them at another event.

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr. 9 points 1st Place Jim Reith 6 points ( fly off )
2nd Place Rob Dionne 5 points 2nd Place Tom Loose 6 points
3rd Place Tom Loose 4 points 3rd Place Bob Barger Jr. 4 points
Bob Barger-CD

Along with a bunch of new faces, we had a lot of pretty planes, but they will learn to not worry about pretty. Jim
pic 1 pic 2 pic 3

Flying Tigers contest Sunday July 26th

There was a threat of thunderstorms forecasted for the day and a few early sprinkles but 8 contestants both seasoned and rookie alike showed up to have a little friendly competition in Londonderry, and just to make the day more challenging, there was a cross wind on the runway which made spot landings interesting and most were off to the Eastern side of the runway. All 8 pilots competed in the open class and Tom Loose and Jim Reith competing in the stock class.

The first match up of the day was Tom and Jim in a classic stock match up with Tom taking 3 points for a cut and Jim (not wanting to be skunked in the first round) taking a landing point. Our next match up put 2 up and comers against each other but unfortunately for Ricky Schattuck (Bob Kilmon's grandson) a throttle problem ended the round before it got started (broken fuselage) but Ricky vowed to be back as soon as "Grandpa" fixed his Gremlin. Next up Bob Barger (slightly sleep deprived) and Steve Brian with his electric powered "whispering death" as the author refers to it as, a tough grey sky made it hard to see but none the less it was a good match up with Steve taking 1 point for the landing. Next were Bob Kilmon and Jim, there were a couple of close calls but Bob did a good job staying out of Jim's way in the air but Jim took the point for the landing. Jim Reith fresh from victory matched up against Glen Bolser and after several close passes Glen stole Jims string and streamer and claimed victory in the sky and just to add insult to injury a very close and unusual landing left Jim with no points, did I mention there a cross wind and that most landings were on the east side of the runway. Tyler McCormack went up against the well seasoned competitor Tom Loose with Tyler doing a good job and taking 1 point for the landing.

The second round was a little easier with a patch of blue sky favoring the flying area, and the battle of the Bob's insued with Bob Barger taking 3 points for a cut and Bob Kilmon taking 1 for the landing. "Mr. Electric" Steve B. took on Tom L. in the second round with a few close calls but no cuts and Steve took the point for the landing. Next up was a long awaited rematch of the young gun Tyler McCormack against the slightly older Glen B. who was (0-4) against Tyler in previous match ups, well it wasn't Tylers day to beat the old guy this time with Glen taking a cut, although Tyler did take the point for the landing. Tom and Jim took to the skies for their second round of stock and it was a close battle with Jim finally deciding he had played around long enough as he stabbed Tom's gremlin on the left wing panel with his never to be seen again spinner and then proceeded to add a few prop slashes to Tom's aircraft before finally stalling his engine by removing Toms left fin, but Tom did manage to keep flying and at least took the point for the landing and locked first place in stock in the process since it was only those 2 competitors in that class.

Round 3 was missing Bob B. as he had a previous commitment but was exciting none the less with Tom taking on Bob K. in an exciting heat with Tom taking the point for the landing while Bob climbed a small pine tree to retrieve his ship, watch that glide path. Glen and Steve were up next with a challenging 3 minutes for Steve to say the least, he did not notice he had fractured and stressed cracked his wing panel until he made a few quick manuevers and relized he had a problem, Glen not having the "killer instinct" did not want to take advantage of a friend and did not push the issue in flight and then Steve managed to take the point for the landing. The last match up saw Tyler and Jim take to the skies with a quick but exciting battle in the sky although it ended prematurely with Jim having a dead stick and finding a forgiving small Birch tree to catch him and Tyler took the point for the landing.

It was a good day overall and some great volunteer score keepers, Steve Black, and John Clark helped make the day a success, not to mention Bob B., Tom L. and Jim traveling up from MA to compete in spite of the weather, thanks guys you made the day even better.

The final results were as follows:
Stock Class Open Class
Not Last Tom Loose 1st Place Glen Bolser with 7 points
2nd Place Jim Reith 2nd Place Bob Barger with 4 points
3rd Place Tyler McCormack with 3 points

Thanks to all those that participated and we look forward to the next event with our "PRETTY GREMLINS"
Glen Bolser event CD

Sturbridge contest Sunday September 20th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Fall Gremlin contest on September 20th at 10am. The New Hampshire crowd was well represented with 7 contestants and several spectators coming down in two 15 passanger vans. Due to having only a couple of stock class contestants, we decided to fly open class only and get in more rounds. We had a great start to the contest with 4 of the first 5 heats decided by cuts and then we had 2 rounds with none and finally 2 more cuts in the 4th round to finish things off. One of the highlights was the grudge match by the new young guns, the brothers McCormack where Tyler showed he can trash talk AND fly combat. He cut his brother and got the landing point for good measure for a total for the day of a cut and 3 of 4 landing points. The older generation was saved from disgrace by Bob Barger Sr cutting Tyler in the very first heat of the day and ending with 2 cuts and 3 of 4 landings. Bob Kilmon took third place with a cut and 2 landing points for the day. Steve Brian was back with his Electric Gremlin and was competitive until something fried in the last round. It was a mid-air free day and the only real damage was a hard landing by Ricky that snapped his fuselage.

The final results were as follows:
Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr with 9 points
2nd Place Tyler McCormack with 6 points
3rd Place Bob Kilmon with 5 points

More pictures can be found on the Lawn Darts website.

The Southern New Hampshire Radio Control Club contest Sunday October 25th

Thirteen pilots gathered on October 25th, 2009 for the Halloween Combat event at Southern NH R/C Club's Wagner Field. With most pilots competing in both stock and open classes we had a total of 30 heats of man-on-man streamer cutting action.

The open class action started with Rob Dionne against Bob Kilmon. Rob was flying the only non-Gremlin in the competition and it did not take him long to draw blood. Just over a minute into the heat he got a clean cut but gave up the landing point. The next heat had some close calls but no cuts.

The third group to fly was Bob Barger Jr. against Dave Beach. Combat regulars may recall that these guys ended last year's contest with a mid-air, but that would not stop either one of them from flying aggressively. There were lots of close calls, but no cuts. The timer said "10, 9, 8..." and then "BANG". With only seconds left to fly they had another mid-air and Jr. took the 'kill' for being the last fuselage on the ground. Ouch.

Glen Bolser also got a cut in his first round and it looked like there would be plenty of points to be had before the day was done.

The first round of stock class managed to complete with no cuts (and thankfully no mid-airs). But Bob Jr. was at it again in the second round of open with a mid-air against Glen Bolser. This time Glen's was the last fuselage to hit the dirt and he got the points.

Steve Brian was flying his speedy electric Gremlin and got a cut against Tyler McCormack in the second round of open. Clearly electric power plants are a viable option nowadays.

Team Barger put in their best showing in the second round of stock. Bob Sr. got a cut from Dave Beach and Jr. got his cut from Tom Loose.

There was plenty of action for the rest of the day with a few streamer bends, bumps, and three more cuts to complete the action.
Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr. 1st Place Glen Bolser
2nd Place Bob Barger Jr. 2nd Place Bob Perrault
3rd Place Rob Dionne 3rd Place Team Barger (Sr. and Jr. tied)

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