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Contest Announcements and Reports

Flying Tigers contest Saturday January 2nd **Cancelled**

Hey guys, Forecast looks awful for Saturday. Frozen Gremlin Fly is canceled. Hopefully we can reschedule, if not, we'll see you in the spring!
Happy New Year,

There will be a Gremlin Event held on January 2 at the B Street location of the NH Flying Tigers in Derry, NH at 11 AM. Please forward this information to any pilots that you may know. We would like to start the New Year with a little flying rather than sitting back & watching the snow fall.

We will have a heated tent, chili, and hot coffee available. Please be sure to dress for the weather, and contact Scott McCormack via email with any questions.

Your current 2009 AMA membership expires on Dec. 31st so make sure you a have a "2010" AMA membership card or you will not be allowed to participate. Also bring along something else to fly, if we have some daylight available after the event we can fly from the snow afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

Sturbridge contest report Sunday April 25th

As usual the weather gods decided to get in the way of the contest. While it was too wet to fly with streamers, the few people that showed up had some flights in between the raindrops. After 10 years absence, Dennis Phelan made an appearance and as will happen with multiple Gremlins in the air, a thwack was heard and pieces were seen to separate. It appears Jim clipped Dennis' elevon about mid-wing and Jim broke his prop and spinner. Both planes maintained control but since Jim was deadstick, Dennis was the last plane down, gathering the kill. Both planes survived to fly another day. Steven and Tyler McCormack got into it also and after about 3-4 flights each, we packed up and cleared the field. Of course the rain passed by early afternoon.

New Hampshire Flying Tigers contest Sunday May 16th

Sunday May 16TH, at the Flying Tigers Auburn Rd site which was the first N.H. competition of the combat season. The event was a great success with warm tempratures, bright sunshine, and 15 to 20 MPH wind gusts thrown in to make it a little challenging. There was a good mix of pilots for the Tigers first event of the season with the crafty veteran competitors pitted against the fast acting and fearless younger crowd. There was also a good amount of spectators present enjoying the competion, and perhaps wanting to eventually get in on the excitement.

With a total of 12 pilots ready and able the first round of stock took to the skies with Tyler (" why cut a ribbon, when you can hit the fuselage") McCormack scoring a first round cut against Jim Reith who avoided the skunk by taking the landing point. Bob Barger and Tom Loose managed several close calls but no contact with Bob taking 1 point, Bob jumped right back out there and competed against Steve ("whispering death") Brian with his quiet and stealthy electric job, no cuts took place with Bob taking another point on the landing.

The open class had three rookies competing which didn't seem to phase any of them, they put on their game faces and took to the skies with determination to prove themselves as worthy competitors, and in fact that is just what they did, with one of them eventually claiming first place. There were no cuts in round 1 but attrition took out 1 competitor with a broken motor mount.

Round 2 started with a cut in the stock class with Tyler pestering Bob B. and eventually claiming victory with a cut and Bob taking the landing point, with Tom and Jim flying next ending once again with no cuts and Tom taking 1 point. The open class headed to the skies and it was clear from the start that there were going to be some close calls with everyone flying rather aggressively from the start. Tyler Mc. scored a cut against newcomer Steve Harrison, but Steve avoided the skunk by taking the landing point . Glen (I like purple aircraft) Bolser went against Bob ("I'll show how it's done") Barger Sr. with both having their opportunities to score a cut in spite of the gusty winds knocking them around the sky and making the up wind legs rather slow to say the least, after joining back up in the "box" the 2 competitors went at it again and it didn't take long for the carnage to happen, Glen used his fuselage to break Bob's wing and Bob used his wing to break Glen's fuselage and now the race to the ground was on with Glen winning that race, which resulted in Bob getting 3 points for last fuselage down. The rest of the round was crash free except for some entertaining landings due to the gusty winds including one stall followed by a flip with the judges average scores totalling a 7.8 out of a possible 10.

Round 3 began with a few less competitors but there were some very close calls which seemed to please all the spectators and competitors alike. Tom Loose scored a cut in the stock class and rookie Joe Cook scored a cut in the open class with the rest of the heats being settled with landing points. There was a fly off in open between Bob B. and Tyler (going for the kill) McCormack that resulted in several competitors venturing out into the woods to save what we could of Bob's newest ship while Tyler suffered a broken prop and glided safely back to the runway, needless to say Tyler broke the tie and then some.

Stock Class Results were as follows Tyler McCormack(12 yrs.old), 1st place, Tom Loose, 2nd Place, Bob Barger 3rd Place

Open class saw the newcomer Joe Cook(12 yrs. old) with first place, 2nd place went Tyler Mc., and Bob B. took home third place.

List of competitors, Bob Barger, Glen Bolser, Steve Brian, Joe Cook(r), Steve Harrison(r), Bob Kilmon, Tom Loose, Steven McCormack, Tyler McCormack, Jim Reith, Ricky Schattuck, and Cody Wojcik(r) (r indicates rookie competitor)

Thanks for a great turn out, and I look forward to more fun events over the summer.
Glen Bolser-CD

Scott McCormack submitted these Steve Harrison pictures of Tyler and Bob Barger's flyoff midair. Amazing shots!
Mixing it up...
Check your six!!!
Snow in May!

**CANCELED** Quinipoxet Model Flying Club contest Sunday June 6th

No combat today ! I'm calling it now. That looks like some heavy rain heading in according to the radar. If you could send out a EVENT CANCELLED notice I would appreciate it. I'll send an email out to the club also even though it is probably obvious.
Thanks Jim . I'll see you later


New Hampshire Flying Tigers contest Sunday July 11th

The contest got under way with 8 pilots, (3 of them named McCormack) the pilot count was low due to the predicted rain which instead turned out to be very warm and sunny, gotta love that "accuweather forecast", well anyway we were there and we wanted to compete so that is what we did. The Auburn Rd. field was rather dry and slippery which made lining up and sticking your landings critical if you wanted to score points.

The first round was rather uneventful except for youngest of the McCormacks (Stephen) having turned off his elevon mix accidentally but doing an excellent job maintaing altitude until the problem was corrected, things settled down after that with 1 cut going to Tyler (the conquerer) McCormack with 4 other pilots taking a point each for landings.

Round 2 got underway with Jim Reith performing a 4 point skunk over Bob Kilmon, and once again the young guns were close to taking 3 as some of the photos will show but had to settle for 1 point for a good landing which we all must confess is far easier when you don't have a 20mph crosswind unlike the last event. Tyler McCormack had to fly a little different strategy due to engine trouble in round 2 but manage to hang on and take a point for the landing.

Round 3 also saw some very close calls but no cuts once again but we had some good competitions with 1st time competitor Scott (call me dad) McCormack flying to help even up the pilots, Scott flew very well considering it was his first event with no one being able to take advantage of a rookie pilot in the sky.

Round 4 started with a very close points battle between Jim(6) and Tyler(4) seperated by 2 points and Glen Bolser with 3 points. Tyler unfortunately had engine trouble again and scored no points against Bob Kilmon. Steve Harrison and Ricky Schattuck competed against one another in a close battle but neither were able to score a cut and eventually Steve took the landing point. That left only Jim and Glen to compete in round 4 with Jim being ahead by 4 points. Glen took to the sky ahead of Jim and settled in awaiting Jim's entrance to the "box" with a different aircraft than the one he had begun the competition with due to engine trouble (loss of compression) "engage" was called and the 2 competitors went at it with several near misses, including a couple that would have been "head on", after that it was a situation where both pilots settled down and began playing cat and mouse, while that didn't last long as Jim and Glen came out of one pass at each other Glen being up high and Jim below him Glen took advantage of the altitude and built up some speed and went for it and luckily caught Jim off guard and scored a much needed cut, now the points were tight, Glen called for Jim to land first and Jim performed well by sticking the landing within 5 ft. of the mark. Glen needed to take the point in order to have a tie and force a fly off and had managed to take every landing point in the 3 previous rounds, his approach looked good and it was going to be a close call but he ultimately caused his own demize by striking the landing marker and dragging it closer to the center point which gave Jim the landing point (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and the overall victory.

Here's a series of flight pictures thanks to Steve Harrison
(pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic) (pic)

All in all it was a good day and an enjoyable one with no carnage or major repairs needed, sorry about that Mr. Barger(s), it's just not the same without you!

Open Class
1st Place Jim Reith with 7 points
2nd Place Glen Bolser with 6 points
3rd Place Tyler McCormack with 4 points

A special thanks to Bill Horton and Scott McCormack for their assistance with timing and scoring the event.

Sturbridge contest Sunday September 19th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Fall Gremlin contest on September 19th. The weather was perfect with very little wind and 12 contestants signed up for open class and 8 flew in stock class. Competition in Open class has gotten very heavy with 2 cuts required to make it into the money and a cut and a couple of landings to make it in Stock class. The day saw no midairs which was a nice surprise but there were some "stylish" landings which managed to bend a few things. The Russian judge was very stingy with the landing judging even when the competitors stuck the landing after a double sumersault. The New Hampshire group was very well represented as well as the Quinepoxit club and Dennis Phelan came back for the fall event.

Pictures: The pilots meeting, The pits (1), The pits (2), Glen launching Bob K., Glen timing Jim and Tom with Bob Jr looking on, An overview of the pits, Bob P. holding court, Tom enjoying the day, Jim in the CD tent preping the rounds, Some NH strategy, Steve Brian's pretty electrics, Bob Jr's superheros, Bob Sr's latest creation, Tom stuck his landing and is STILL smiling, and some of the guys soaking up the shade.

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Jr. - 8 points 1st Place Bob Barger Sr. - 8 points (cut in flyoff)
2nd Place Steve Brian - 5 points (landing in flyoff) 2nd Place Tyler McCormack - 8 points
3rd Place Tyler McCormack - 5 points 3rd Place Bob Barger Jr. - 7 points

SNHRCC Hudson NH Halloween Gremlin Combat meet - Sunday October 31st

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The National Weather Service put out a forecast that read "Partly sunny, with a high near 53. West wind 5 to 8 mph increasing to between 15 and 18 mph. Winds could gust as high as 33 mph.". Perhaps not the best forecast for an R/C flying event, unless it's a Gremlin Combat meet.

Fourteen pilots showed up on Halloween for one of the most fun R/C competitions in the area this year. All fourteen pilots on hand registered in the 'Open' class, and seven of them also brought along 'Stock' Gremlins to get in even more flying.

In the first round of Stock competition things warmed up when Jim Reith got a streamer rub against Bob Barger, Sr. but the streamer stayed whole. Moments later it was Bob's prop in Jim's streamer for the first cut of the day. With two more cuts scored in the first round of stock it looked like the points might come easy all day.

Things got a little tougher on airplanes as the first round of Open class competition ended quickly with a mid-air collision between Cody Wojcik and Bob Perrault. Bob's Gremlin was pretty well trashed, but Cody made back to the field fighting a crippled hinge. Bob Kilmon got everyone's attention on his first landing approach, particularly those who ducked as his plane blew in close to the fence and he powered up for another go-around. Four of the six heats in the first round of open resulted in cuts as the points continued to come easy.

Stock round two resulted in two more cuts, but it could easily have been three. Jim's plane went dead stick with more than ten seconds left in the round but Cody couldn't quite get on Jim's streamer as he struggled to glide back to the field.

The highlight of Open round two was a Barger Sr. vs. Barger Jr. mid-air with the points awarded to the younger pilot. In later heats Bob Sr. shouted "I want to see CARNAGE!" to which the response was simply "Bob - Look in the back of your car.".

The only cut awarded in the third round went to Jim for his first and only cut of the day. Open round three featured a first for local Gremlin competitions, Electric vs. Electric. Steve Brian had been flying his electric powered ship all day (Editor's note: all season), and Jim brought his out for some head-to-head competition. No cut was awarded, and Steve earned the landing point.

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr. 1st Place (Tie) Stephen Harrison
2nd Place Bob Barger Jr. 1st Place (Tie) Bob Barger Jr.
3rd Place Jim Reith 3rd Place Steve Brian

First place in Open class was a tie. Stephen Harrison and Bob Barger Jr. held the most points, but neither had ships available for a fly off. Third place in Open went to Steve Brian with his hard-to-beat electric.

If you didn't compete this year, there is still a chance to join the action. The next nearby competition will be January 2011. Hopefully I'll see you there!

David Beach

Here's a random sample of images from the day.

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