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Contest Announcements and Reports

Sturbridge Contest Report - Sunday April 10th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Spring Gremlin contest on April 10th. We had 11 pilots sign up, including several first timers with 9 pilots flying Stock class and 8 pilots flying Open class. The conditions for the day were very good except for a tail wind from the south/pits which made it a bit difficult to find a good launch direction and cost a few props. We had 4 cuts in Open class and only 3 in Stock class. Needless to say landing points played a huge part and we had fly-offs in both classes. Wally Adasczik, flying in his first contest, was heard to remark "This is harder than it looks!". Wally did ok for himself tying for 2nd place with bridesmaid Steve "Whispering Death" Brian who won the Stock fly-off. Winning Stock was Bob "nyah nyah nah nyah nah" Barger being the great sport as always. Steve generated a lot of ozone also having a fly-off for second in Open class, where he bested Bob Perreault while Tom "Nitro Man" Loose took first.

I want to thank Ray Fontaine for bringing the greatly appreciated refreshments, Bill Murtoff for the help with timing so I could fly, Bob Barger and Bob Perreault for the pictures and all the pilots, many of them traveling from NH, without whom the contest would have been rather dull. My final thought... Some of these Gremlins are too damn pretty! Jim - CD

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr. - 5 points 1st Place Tom Loose - 6 points
2nd Place Steve Brian - 4 points (landing in flyoff) 2nd Place Steve Brian - 5 points (landing in flyoff)
3rd Place Wally Adasczik - 4 points 3rd Place Bob Perreault - 5 points

Here's a Photo page of the day

New Hampshire Flying Tigers Sunday May 15th

Gremlin Event Cancelled

Hello All, well I was holding out and hoping for a better forecast but any and all information is not looking good for tomorrow's planned Gremlin event so I'll call it now and we'll see you in June in Hudson for the next one.

Have a great weekend in spite of the weather,

SNHRCC Hudson NH Summer Gremlin Combat meet - Sunday June 26th

Seven Pilots showed up for the contest on top of the dump. As luck would have it four pilots registered for Stock Class (Wally A., Jim R., Steve B., and Tom L.) while six pilots registered for Open Class (Bob K., Steve H., Glen B., Jim R., Steve B., and Tom L.). We had 4 cuts in Stock Class and a mid-air. Open Class had 8 cuts and some stupidity. Two pilots augered in simultaneously in spectacular Gremlin Flat Spins with no damage other than a prop... at least that is what I remembered. I also made the mistake of buying light colored streamers which seemed to hinder the pilots depth perception. Could this be a new way of limiting cuts?? Highlight of the event was the mid-air between Wally and Steve B. in the second round. Old Whispering Death Brian chewed a few new holes in the wing getting a cut in the process and then flew off to a safe landing. WTF!!!! Damn electrics!!! Wally's Gremlin just augered in with a whump. Nothing some poly glue, tape, and CA can't fix!!! Look at the video!!!

Anywho the results are:

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Jim Reith 1st Place Steve "Whispering Death" Brian
2nd Place Steve "Whispering Death" Brian 2nd Place Steve Harrison
3rd Place Tom Loose 3rd Place Glen Bolser

Please enjoy this 10+ minute YouTube compilation of the day.

Wally Adasczik - CD

New Hampshire Flying Tigers contest Sunday July 10th

In spite of a small turn out, the 6 pilots that were able to make the event were more than willing to throw in their $5 and get their monies worth and that's just what we did. It was a warm but decent day, with no wind to speak of and after we set up our "pop up" shelters (first order of business) then we proceeded to get the event rolling.

The first round of stock pitted Steve Brian against Jim Reith, well Steve headed straight for the nose bleed level in the sky like a bird of prey waiting for a meal, and after a few close passes and counter measures by Jim (the prey) Steve was able to satisfy his appetite for ribbon with a kill, and then proceeded to take the landing point as well. After a quick ribbon revival Jim took to the sky to face off against Tom (my gremlin makes a strange sound in the sky) Loose and after an intense 3 min. battle without a cut Jim took the landing point. The strange sound coming from Tom's aircraft was a cracked motor mount with a surprisingly minimal amount of wood actually holding the motor in place.

Round 2 saw Tom (w/another gremlin) go against Steve B. in an ooooh and aaaah packed match up which eventually ended when Tom was able to line Steve up for the cut and take the landing point as well. Jim had already flown 2 rounds of stock it was all tied up between Steve and Tom.

Round 3 was a lot of near misses and no carnage with only only landing points being awarded to Jim and Steve which gave the overall victory to Steve by 1 point over Tom.

Open class began with 6 pilots competing, round 1 got under way with Tom vs. Glen in a close battle with Glen eventually scoring a cut and a landing point, next up were Bob Kilmon and "Young Gun" Steve Harrison, Bob and Steve proceeded to chase each other across the clear sky without a cut but Steve was able to score the landing point. Steve B. and Jim were up next in open with Steve once again showing no mercy and feeding his insatiable appetite for ribbon within 45 sec. and taking the point for landing.

Round 2 in open saw Tom go against Steve H. with Tom attacking early and getting the cut within 25 sec. but Steve wouldn't get skunked and took the landing point. Next up were Jim and Glen, there were no cuts but once again, several close calls with Glen eventually scoring the landing point. Steve B. and Bob were up next, Bob's motor wasn't quite up to the task and Steve was able to swoop in and take the kill, and the landing point which gave him 2 perfect rounds at this point in the game, Bob retired after that round due to his motor attempting to swallow a large amount of sand through the carb. Round 3 put Jim and Glen together due to Bob having to bow out, once plenty of close calls but only 1 point being awarded to Glen for the landing, after that match up Steve B. had first place wrapped up with Glen in second place w/6 pts., and Steve H. and Tom still to fly, Steve B. went up against Steve H. and although Steve B. put up a good fight the younger of the Steve's managed to score a cut and a landing point, which now tied him w/Glen for second place honors. The last flight of the round put Tom up against Glen, even though Glen was flying an extra round to give Tom 3 rounds you wouldn't have known they were up there just to get in a round, no cuts cuts took place but Glen was able to soak Tom's ribbon with some spent oil from his exhaust and Tom was able to score the landing point.

Steve Brian had once again locked up 1st place but second place needed to be decided between Steve H. and Glen each with 6 points and each with a 4 point round under their belts, well as you would imagine and par for the course that day there were several attempts at "mid-airs" during the 3 minutes and fortunately for both pilots there was no Styrofoam snow storm in July, not that the crowd didn't hope and cheer for it. So it all came down to who could stick the landing and even that was as close as the rest of the competition that had taken place throughout the event, after 2 good landings the distance had to be measured and Steve H. was able to score the landing point by a matter of roughly 3 inches (stop the snickering guys) which gave him second place overall in open.

All in all it was a great day and a good time was had by all, and we even had some other members come up and enjoy the competition, we missed the Bargers and the McCormacks and hope they can make it to the next event, although we don't miss all the carnage that is associated with those guys.(wink,wink)

Thanks to Steve Brian, Steve Harrison, Tom Loose, Bob Kilmon, and Jim Reith for showing up and participating, a good time was truly had by all and it gave us a reason to use our seldom used Auburn Rd. site, I hoped you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Here is a video of Steve Brian cutting Tom Loose.

Glen Bolser-CD

Sturbridge Contest Report Sunday September 25th

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts held their Fall Gremlin contest on September 25th at 10am. Stock and open classes were flown with 5 competitors in stock and 8 in open. Stock class was rather quiet all day with the only two cuts coming in the third round. Charlie Casavecchia tasted his first streamer cutting Bob Barger Sr and Bob Barger Jr cut Steve Brian flying designated target due to the odd number of contestants. It should be noted that Charlie had Bob Perreault coaching him for the first two rounds but in the third round, on his own, he got his cut. Hmmmm.... Steve Brian was on his game as he nailed all three of his landings which got him third place.

Open class is where the action happened with 8 competitors and many cuts. The first round alone saw Dennis Phelan, Steve Brian and Bob Barger Sr get cuts, it had the look of a competitive day. Round 2 saw Steve get another cut by putting Bob "trash talk" Barger Sr into the ground for the kill. Round 3 started much the same with Bob Perreault nailing Bob Sr for the cut and kill. Bob P landed safely but you could literally see deep into his wing. I don't think the picture does it justice. 4 heats and 4 cuts in the round with a familiar name popping up again, Steve Brian. Steve got three cuts in three rounds and 2 out of three landings (only missed Bob's crash landing point as it wasn't given)! Mr Trash Talk took the TRASH home this time, 3 out of 4 planes broken (yeah, one of Bob Jr's also). I think this one counts as real Bob, Steve took it all.

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Jr 1st Place Steve "Whispering Death" Brian
2nd Place Charlie Casavecchia 2nd Place Dennis "Slick" Phalen
3rd Place Steve "Whispering Death" Brian 3rd Place Bob Perreault

check out all the pictures in the slideshow

Jim Reith - CD

SNHRCC Hudson NH Halloween Gremlin Combat meet - Sunday October 30th***CANCELLED***

The Southern New Hampshire R/C Club is cancelling it's Halloween Gremlin combat event on October 30th at Wagner Field in Hudson NH due to the significant snow storm in the forecast.
David Beach will be the CD

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