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Contest Announcements and Reports

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Spring Gremlin contest on Sunday April 22nd

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Spring Gremlin season opening contest on Sunday April 22nd was rained out.

Yankee Flyers of Connecticut contest Sunday May 6th

The Yankee Flyers of Connecticut held their first Gremlin contest on May 6th at 10am at their Brooklyn CT field. Due to graduations and kids heading home from college, there were 5 Stock Class contestants and 6 Open Class entries and so with the smaller turnout we ran four rounds of combat and took a lunch break between rounds 2 and 3. With two of the regulars making the trip south, Bob Barger Sr won Stock Class with 2 cuts and all 4 landing points. Steve Brian took 2nd with a cut and three landings (only losing the landing point against Bob) and the local father and son rookie team of Darrin and Dylan Menditto each got a cut with Dylan getting third place by getting the landing point against dad.

Open Class was won by Steve Brian with the only two Open cuts and two landings for 8 points while Bob Barger Sr, Darrin Menditto and Dennis Phelan all tied with three landing points. It was decided that a three way "furball" flyoff would be used to determine the winner. While I was concerned there wouldn't be a cut and the determination would come from landings, Bob Barger settled things with a cut a little over a minute into the round to take 2nd Place. 3rd place came down to a landing between glider pilot Dennis Phelan and rookie Darrin Menditto. Dennis was designated to land first and for the first time all day his engine shut off on final approach and he came up short. Darrin took a ribbing coming in to shouts of "NO PRESSURE!" and dropped his plane into "close enough" for 3rd place,

The field was a great location and the club has a great place to fly. The new pilots had their "pretty" Gremlins survive unscathed and showed they were not going to be shy. Darrin went old school with his even using a Futaba Attack and sliding tray on one of his. While turnout might have been low (several of the locals hadn't gotten theirs done), I think the September rematch will be better attended. The club also has a structure on site for food and have very reasonably priced food available for lunch, a Gremlin raffle and there is a portopotty on the field. Thanks for hosting us!

Stock Class Open Class
1st Place Bob Barger Sr. - 10 points 1st Place Steve Brian - 8 points
2nd Place Steve Brian - 6 points 2nd Place Bob Barger Sr. - 3 points (cut in flyoff)
3rd Place Dylan Menditto - 4 points 3rd Place Darrin Menditto - 3 points (landing in flyoff)

A link to a video report of the contest including some of the combat.

New Hampshire Flying Tigers Contest Report from Sunday May 20th

The first NH event had awesome weather with clear skies and warm tempratures and a small group of pilots due to previous committments and some other priorities with the usual group of combatants, in all all we had just 5 pilots competing in 2 classes, but we had a good carnage free day and gained some much needed practice after a long winter off. The event also saw the return of our good friend Tom Loose who was doing very well and having both knees repaired in the off season (sounds more like football rather than Gremlins).

Round 1 in open had young gun Steve Harrison opposing Jim Reith with getting a cut about a minute in, and Jim taking the landing, next up were Steve Brian and Tom Loose with Tom getting a cut after some very close calls by both opponents and Steve took the landing point, then Steve Harrison went up again against Glen Bolser with a lot of chasing one another and Steve took the round by grabbing the landing point.

Stock class began with Steve B. and Jim Reith taking to the skies, no cuts, but Steve took the landing, then Tom and Glen were up, Tom apparently hasn't lost anything over the winter months as he took 3 for a cut and Glen took 1 for the landing.

Round 2 of open pitted Tom and Jim against one another with Jim taking 3 for the cut and Tom taking the landing, then Steve B. and Glen were up with no cuts, Glen took 1 for the landing.

Stock round 2 had Steve B. and Tom doing battle with great pursuit skills being shown by both opponents but inspite of their great efforts no cuts were obtained and Tom eventually took the landing, Jim and Glen had a good back and forth battle but once again there were no cuts and Jim took the landing.

Open round 3 had the 2 Steves doing battle with the younger of the Steves(H) performing a skunk with 4 points, Jim and Glen were up next and Jim made a quick cut and Glen was able to avoid a skunk by taking the landing, Steve H flew against Tom to even up round 3 and Steve must have forgot he wasn't able to take points and managed a cut and the landing to shut out Tom in round 3.

The last round of stock featured Tom and Jim with no cuts made Tom was able take the landing, next up were Steve B. and Glen, once again there were no cuts but Steve took the landing, ending the event.

1st Place in open went to Steve Harrison with 8 points, Jim Reith was a close 2nd with 7 points.

1st Place in stock went to Tom Loose with 5 points, Steve Brian took 2nd with 2 points.

I had hoped there would be a few more pilots able to make it, but in spite of that we had a great time and any stick time is still a good day, not to mention we had a good number of spectators visit throughout the event.

Thank you to all that were able to make it and we'll see you in June for the next event in Hudson.

Glen Bolser CD

SNHRCC Hudson NH - Sunday June 10th

The Southern New Hampshire R/C Club will hold a Gremlin combat event on June 10th at Wagner Field in Hudson NH. The gate will either be unlocked, or have a member or walkie-talkie to allow folks to get in. The contest will start at 10am. Normal Gremlin rules will be used and Stock and Open classes will be flown.

Wally Adasczik will be the CD

New Hampshire Flying Tigers contest report Sunday July 8th

Well we only had a small group of contestants for the event, but as always a good time was had by all. We had 6 pilots total flying amongst the 2 classes, Bob Barger and Jim Reith were flying double duty.

We had 3 pilots in Stock Class. Round 1 in stock pitted Jim against Dave Johnson with Dave taking the landing point, then it was Bobs turn to take on Jim with Bob skunking Jim. Round 2 had Dave against Bob with Dave once again taking a point for the landing. Round 3 it was Jim's turn to score some much needed points by taking the "skunk" with Dave being the victim this time. Then since we only had 3 stock competitors Jim and Bob took to the skies again, this match was impressive to watch with a lot of ooohs and aaahs, and for the first time in my memory we had a double cut so the both pilots agreed to take 1 1/2 points each with Bob taking the landing point. Steve Harrison got some great action photos during this round. The final round had Dave and Bob take to the sky 1 more time and Bob was "in the zone" after his close battle with Jim and proceeded to jump all over Dave with a quick cut and a landing point.

Stock Class final point tally, Bob Barger w/10.5 pts., Jim Reith w/5.5 pts. and Dave w/2 pts

Open Class had 5 pilots and we flew 4 rounds to even up the amounts of flights for each competitor, Round 1 had the 2 Steves doing battle with the younger of the Steves taking all 4 pts away from his Elder, then it Bob and Glen with no cuts Bob took the landing pt., then it was Jim and young Steve(2), once again no cuts and Steve taking a landing pt. Round 2, Steve B. and Glen had a go of it and although there were a few close passes there were once again no cuts and Glen taking 1 pt. Next up were Jim and Bob, neither pilot managed a cut but Bob was able to take the landing pt. Round 3, Steve B. matched up against Bob with Bob getting a cut and following Steve in on his approach forcing Steve to flub the landing, Bob gladly took the landing pt. as well giving him a "skunk" for the round, although one may question his ethics on that one. (all in good fun) Next up were young Steve and Glen with the young gun making quick work of Glen with a cut and taking the landing as well, another "skunk" for Steve H. Round 4 had Jim flying his 3rd round against Steve B., this resulted in the days only "mid air" with Steve being on the loosing end of the battle. Round 4 for the remaining guys had Jim vs. Glen with Jim getting a cut due to the excess amount of "slime" covering his wing, but Glen avoiding the skunk by taking the landing, last up were young Steve and Mr. "follow em' in Barger" but young Steve had no problem going head to head with neither pilot managing a cut, however Steve did manage the landing point.

Final Scores from Open class were, Steve Harrison w/10 pts., Bob Barger (sr) w/ 6 pts., Jim Reith w/4 pts., Glen Bolser w/2 pts. and Steve "birthday boy" Brian got shutout on his birthday, sorry about that Steve, hope the rest of your day went well and you were able to enjoy your special day.

Thanks to all pilots for coming out and having some good fun as always, we also got our first look at the Oversized Gremlin Steve Brian has been working on. Thanks again to all for a good day.

Glen Bolser CD

Rocky Hill Flying Circus contest Sunday July 29th

The Rocky Hill Flying Circus of Oxford MA Gremlin contest is cancelled due to rain.

Yankee Flyers of Connecticut contest Sunday September 9th

Due to some iffy weather, turnout at the contest was limited to me (Jim) and two local members (Mark Hunton and Darrin Menditto). We decided to just fun fly and had all three planes up at the same time with no time limits. We had some cuts, we had some fun and I put my stock class Gremlin into the top of one of the local trees. When we got to it we found it had fallen all the way down to the ground and the only damaged appeared to be an unglued section of leading edge near one wing tip. I took that as a sign to call it a day.

Darrin Menditto - CD

The Sturbridge Lawn Darts Fall Gremlin contest on Sunday September 23rd

On a windy day with the sun out bright, Mark Hunton, Darrin Menditto, and Steve Harrison joined me for some rounds of combat. After breaking my fuselage on my test flight (it might have been cracked from the tree incident the previous contest), I sat back and ran 8 rounds of open combat that proved very entertaining. For just the second time we had a double cut. Steve and Mark made a head on pass and Mark's string got wound around Steven's crankshaft and Steve's streamer got caught in Mark's wing tip. Since Steve was dragging Mark's streamer behind him, almost as normal, it wasn't obvious that we had a double cut until landing. As we have in the past we awarded 1.5 points to each. So after 8 full rounds of combat, the final standings were:

Open Class
1st Place Steve Harrison - 13.5 points and 2.5 cuts
2nd Place Mark Hunton - 8.5 points and 1.5 cuts
3rd Place Darrin Menditto - 2 points

Jim Reith - CD

Rocky Hill Flying Circus contest Sunday October 7th

The Rocky Hill Flying Circus of Oxford MA will hold a Gremlin contest on October 7th at 10am at their Oxford MA field. Stock and open classes will be held with a $5 per class entry fee to be divided as prizes for the top 3 places per class.

Rene Rusche will be the CD

SNHRCC Hudson NH Halloween Gremlin Combat meet - Sunday October 28th

The Southern New Hampshire R/C Club will hold it's Halloween Gremlin combat event on October 28th at Wagner Field in Hudson NH. The gate will either be unlocked, or have a member or walkie-talkie to allow folks to get in. The contest will start at 10am. Normal Gremlin rules will be used and Stock and Open classes will be flown.

David Beach will be the CD

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