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Animated looping Gremlin

Richard Cooper, of Searcy Arkansas sends us a picture of his latest Gremlin and writes:

Spence Spencer sent in some image files of his Gremlin flying and I thought it would be helpful to post them. The flight shots show some of the reasons why good contrast is important for orientation. Spence seems to have mastered self launching and landing and sure seems to be having fun but I thought his Gremlin looked pretty good considering the competition he faces at his field!

Dave Walter of the Charles River R/C Club has given his view of the April 13th, 1996 Sturbridge contest.

Dan Snow has moved out to the west coast this year and with him he's brought his Gremlins. Dan was very active in the development of the Gremlins and has always been supportive. He CD'd several contests in New England before heading west and his presence will be missed (what was it? 4 first round midairs in a row??) Anyway, here's a picture of his latest creation.

I recently found this photo of some of the shirts created for the contests in New England. This is an older picture of Eric Henderson (left) and Jim Reith (right) and the customized shirts they sport at the contests. I also happened to find this picture of my GremTwin and some other Gremlins in the pits at the field.

Tony Dorego sent in the following descriptions of his Gremlin with landing gear and a couple of .gifs for us to check out.

Fred Cass has been flying Gremlins for quite some time. He has a company that makes flight simulator based screensavers and near the bottom of his links page he has an animated 3D Gremlin that is from his screensaver. I wonder how it stacks up against Flying Toasters?

Mark Devino has a few pictures up on the web of the various lives of his gremlin. He says:

This is the classic Gremlin. I got my cores/kits from Jim Reith at RACORES. These are a disposable airplane built on a foam wing with a PVC fuselage. This particular Gremlin bit the dust awhile ago but has been reborn and will fly again under new colors soon.
This is the reborn version of that crashed blue & white Grem above. It DOES have functional double rudders on the vertical stabilizers and they are cool. It will knife edge but you gotta hold in down elvator. It does a really nice predictable stall turn also but you have to watch out for the unintended spin, use some throttle. The snap roll is goofy as hell.
It will go into a very flat spin but it's not recommended. Coming out is not predictable enough. Don't do it.

Jason Fine has also recently completed his Gremlin . He's already been mixing it up and proving the durability. We hope to have a movie of his initial session mid-air that was caught on tape for our library.

In searching the web for some combat information, I ran across the following links that included Gremlin references. I also found the RC Modeler online store which still sells Gremlin plans (COMBAT GREMLIN, 1, #1134, 12/92, $7.00). If you know of others, send me some email and I'd be glad to include them.

Gerry Lempicki sent me (way back when) an email including pictures from the Fall 2000 Sturbridge Gremlin contest. We had a good turnout. Many regulars as well as some new faces. I was fortunate to have some good help so I could concentrate on CDing . Everyone pitched in when it came time to do repairs and a good time was had by all.

M@ Sheppard sent in some pictures from his local field including Dave Beach trying to figure out his new 2 piece motor mount (it's caused by the wheels, Dave 8^). Recent contestant Duane Mallows has been seen sporting tiger stripes. Other unattributed photos were sent along with this good shot of a sliding tray done up as per the included instructions.

M@ Sheppard also sent in a few pictures of his Gremlin including a close up of his engine mount and servo configuration (three wide works well with mixing radios).

Barry Wiffin from the Diablo Valley Radio Controllers sent this great shot of a classic midair taken by Ron P. from DVRC. Barry says he is the fuselage going vertical so I can only assume he claimed "last fuselage down". Check out their other events in the club's website galleries

With the recent introduction of the Mini R/C Combat Gremlin in which I mentioned Dennis Phelan, he was kind enough to send these pictures of his mini from back in 2000. These are brushed Speed 400 versions with NiCad power. I have to admit I always wanted to make one for myself after seeing his fly and recently the technology has made it a lot easier.

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