Please note that due to the discontinuation of the OS .25FP and the Norvel .25 going unavailable along with the manufacturers increasing the displacement of the .25 engines, we are opening up the specifications so the Thunder Tiger GP .28 can be used in Stock Class. This engine is available for approximately $65 at this point, comparable to the Norvel and OS engines previously used.

Rules for Gremlin Combat

This is a one design contest for RC Combat. The plane will be the R/C Combat Gremlin (RCM 12/92 or RA Cores kit), and the engine will be a plain bearing .28 or smaller engine. The Gremlin has been designed as a light weight inexpensive plane that will stop and drop in case of a mid-air, minimizing the hazard to pilots and spectators from falling debris. The combat will consist of two planes at a time flying a predetermined number of rounds. Each plane will have a 20' streamer attached to a 20' string, with the idea being to cut your opponents streamer before they can cut yours. The rules listed below call for a 3 minute round. Experience has shown that 2-4 minute rounds are best due to the concentration level required of the pilots.


Rules of Engagement

  1. Combat will consist of 2 planes at a time flying a 3 minute Round. Combat will begin when the "Timing" judge calls "Engage", and ends when the command "Break" has been given.
  2. Then will be two (2) Judges per round of combat. One Judge will watch that the contestants stay in the "box" and will also be the timer. This judge will call "Engage" and "Break". The second Judge will be the "Cut" judge.
  3. Removing all or any portion of your opponents streamer is a "Cut" and constitutes an immediate win.
  4. Contestants will be allowed 2 minutes to get airborne after they are called to fly. If they are not ready at that time they will be placed at the end of the queue. If they an still not able to get airborne, they will receive a loss for that round. When one set of contestants is called to fly, the following match up will be told they are "on deck" and to begin getting prepared to fly.
  5. Streamers will be supplied by the CD. They will be crepe paper 20' long and approximately 2" wide at the end of a 20' cotton string.
  6. All combat will take place in a designated box. Flying out of this box during combat will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will be penalized by a loss for that round.
  7. Contestants will be allowed only one (1) model per round, but may switch to an alternate model of their choice for following rounds. Altemate models must meet the specifications listed above.
  8. The CD may, at his discretion, reinspect any aircraft he suspects may have been rendered unsafe for flight during an earlier round. If the CD pronounces that aircraft as unsafe, it will not be used for later rounds. The pilot of the aircraft removed may make field repairs and resubmit the aircraft to the CD for inspection. The CD is obligated to inspect an aircraft resubmitted for safety inspection as soon as the aircraft, is presented to him. If it passes inspection, the airplane is immediately available for use. The judgement of the CD on safety matters cannot be protested.
  9. Scoring will be three points for a "cut" as designated above and a single point for a spot landing closest to the designated marker (measured to the spinner) or for the opponent landing prior to the end of the round (DNF - did not finish).
  10. In the case of a tie at the end of the normal rounds, a flyoff can be held.