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3D Delta XL


Our larger (30" wingspan) interpretation of the Leadfeather 3D Delta including a KF4 airfoil (theory) which not only gives the plane great flight characteristics, it also strengthens the wing significantly. We have increased the fuselage thickness to 15mm EPP to strength it. The KF4 airfoil (image) complicates the wing building over and above a typical flat foamie. (but the end results are well worth it)

Also, you should be aware that the build uses more than 2oz of Foam-Tac to complete.

See the original 3D Delta build thread at


3D Delta XL Completer
Quantities Limited.
SunnySky X2216 II Brushless Motor (1250kv)
40 amp ESC
3 x 9gram Servos
12" servo extension and heatshrink
We reserve the right to make equivalent product substitutions when availability requires.

$59.95 each
Picture of the Mini Gremlin/Blufo completer set
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GemFan 10x5 Thin E-Prop used on our 40" EPP Extra XLs, Yak55 XLs and 3D Delta XL.

$2.00 each
picture of 
								GWS Props
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Flat Foamie Landing Gear
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Landing gear for 40" XL foamies.

The landing gear can be used where you have a smooth surface and then is easily removed when you fly where the grass would be an issue.
Flat Foamie Landing Gear
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Beacon Foam-Tac

An excellent glue for bonding Carbon Fiber, EPP and Depron planes. Can be used to make a living EPP or Depron hinge. Stays flexible unlike foam safe CA. Now available in 2oz tubes (with or without nozzle), 1oz tube or the 6-pack of the 5ml tubes (1.014oz total).

Beacon Foam-Tac (please select size)
$15.00 per 2oz bottle with nozzle,
(Nozzle can be moved from tube to tube)
$13.00 per 2oz bottle without nozzle,
$8.00 per 1oz tube,
$8.00 for a package of six 5ml (Mini) tubes
Quantities Limited.

picture of 2oz Foam-Tac with nozzle picture of 2oz Foam-Tac without nozzle picture of 1oz Foam-Tac picture of 5ml Foam-Tac Minis
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Creation date: Friday April 23, 2021
Last updated: Friday December 9, 2022

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