Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger Designs EPP BluFO-XL

Customers are always asking me "What do I need to complete this kit?"
This page contains all the pieces specifically for building and flying the EPP BluFO-XL.
You will need batteries, a transmitter and a receiver as well.

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Jason "BrownEyedFool" Cline launching the BluFO-XL
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Joel is MetroGTI on RCGroups

Joel was inspired to come up with his design after he took some liberties with the original Blue Foam Wonder which itself has been around for sometime. He both stylized it even more and developed a better flying aircraft to boot. The name reflects the fact that the originals were built out of blue fanfold foam. We have made several versions of the kit over the years and the current EPP version is very durable for full contact combat events and FPV. In several discussions we played with the idea of making a larger version which could be used for a large, slow FPV platform. The BluFO XL is the 150% version that came out of those discussions. It is a big, slow flyer that is very stable and can best be described as "majestic". Check out the YouTube playlist linked below to see it flying in daylight as well as some lit up night flights. We suggest an APC 12x6E prop and a 2200mah 3S battery. As with the original EPP BluFO, this kit is only available unpainted.


Drew building 
							the BluFO-XL

Andrew "BlindFury" Walters built a BluFO XL in the booth at Joe Nall and recorded it. (yes, it really is that big) He put together a playlist of 5 videos running about a total of 25 minutes showing the sequence. if you are curious what it takes, check it out.

The BluFO XL Build Video Playlist

The link below will always contain the latest instructions which might be more up to date than the paper copy included with the kit. Plus you can click on the pictures and get large color versions to better see details. (The BluFO-XL is the same layout as the original)

EPP BluFO Instructions

The BluFO discussion and build log can be found at:

The BluFO-XL YouTube video playlist.

A Real Flight model of the BluFO has been uploaded to the Knife Edge Software site and can be downloaded here.

Tim "IFlyOS" King Jr. has done a nice review of our BluFO-XL kit and completer for RCGroups. Click on the picture above to go read the review.

BluFO-XLs at Joe Nall
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Replacement Hatch

It has come to our attention that people have been losing hatches in flight
and in some cases they have gone through the prop, destroying them. So
we are offering a replacement hatch kit including the magnet.

$10.00 each
BluFO-XL Completer
Completer for the BluFO-XL kit
Sunnysky A-2216 (880 Kv)
(an 11x7 or 12x6 prop is recommended but not provided)
30 amp ESC
2 x 17gram Metal Gear Servos
We reserve the right to make equivalent product substitutions when availability requires.

$59.95 each
Quantities Limited.
Picture of the Blufo XL completer set
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GemFan 11x7 APC Style Nylon E-Prop used on our BluFO XL.

$3.00 each
picture of 
								GWS Props
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GemFan 12x6 APC Style Nylon E-Prop used on our BluFO XL.

$3.00 each
picture of 
								GWS Props
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Beacon Foam-Tac

An excellent glue for bonding Carbon Fiber, EPP and Depron planes. Can be used to make a living EPP or Depron hinge. Stays flexible unlike foam safe CA. Now available in 2oz tubes (with or without nozzle), 1oz tube or the 6-pack of the 5ml tubes (1.014oz total).

Beacon Foam-Tac (please select size)
$15.00 per 2oz bottle with nozzle,
(Nozzle can be moved from tube to tube)
$13.00 per 2oz bottle without nozzle,
$8.00 per 1oz tube,
$8.00 for a package of six 5ml (Mini) tubes
Quantities Limited.

picture of 2oz Foam-Tac with nozzle picture of 2oz Foam-Tac without nozzle picture of 1oz Foam-Tac picture of 5ml Foam-Tac Minis
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Creation date: Thursday May 25, 2017
Last updated: Friday December 9, 2022

For more information send email to RA Cores

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