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Due to popular demand we are making our illustrated instructions available online. In the online version the embedded images are hyperlinks to the larger color versions of the same picture. Just click through to see the detail. We will still include paper copies in our kits for use on the workbench but the latest versions will be posted here. We hope this helps with some of the (unintentionally) hidden details.

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Here is the method we use to build the pushrods to avoid melting any of the foam. It also allows you to fine adjust them before hitting them with CA to hold them in place. We are slowly updating the instructions with this info but it might be missing from the paper instructions of an older kit.

Geoff Barber did a great instructional video for RCUniverse about making Foam-Tac hinges. The video is a bit old and uses them on a Depron plane but the method works just as well on EPP. Give it a view (or three). The one thing I have to stress is use a NEW blade. If the cut starts to pull or tear, your blade is dull. It doesn't take long for the blade to get dull. The single sided razor blades are great to use. The follow the rulers easily and at a dime a piece you can toss the dull ones.

EPP Flat Foamie Series Yak55

32" Yak55 Instructions

40" Yak55 XL Instructions

22" Mini Yak55 Instruction Addendum
picture of 
								EPP Yak55
Product page

EPP Flat Foamie Series Extra

32" Extra Instructions

40" Extra XL Instructions

22" Mini Extra Instructions Addendum
The 32" Extra
Product page

TallguysRC Superslo28

TallguysRC Superslo28 Instructions
picture of 
Product page

Wigens Z-250

Wigens Z-250 Instructions
picture of 
								Wigens Z-250
Product page

Leadfeather 3D Delta

24" 3D Delta V2 Instructions

30" 3D Delta XL Instructions
picture of 
								3D Delta
Product page
Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger Designs EPP BluFO

EPP BluFO Instructions
FPV BluFO in Flight
Product page

EPP Warbird Series P-51D

32" P-51D Instructions

22" Mini P-51D Instructions
picture of EPP P-51D
Product page

EPP Warbird Series Spitfire

34" Spitfire Instructions
picture of EPP Spitfire
Product page

EPP Warbird Series ME-109

32" ME-109 Instructions
picture of EPP ME-109
Product page

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